Emotion Revolution

What is the Emotion Revolution?

The most harmful attitude for humans is being indifferent. When a person doesn’t feel happy, angry, sad, offended or excited their minds and souls are absent and they become like a zombie, a robot that just keeps going on without actually living. That’s why we need to keep things changing. If we feel it means we are alive.

Kpop idols can be a clear example of that process because we can see them every day. Let’s check Hyoyeon’s process.

This is her latest music video:

It is a strong concept therefore it is needed to have a strong woman to perform it.

These are pictures of her music video. If we pay attention to her eyes, she looks a little absent. Looks like the song didn’t catch her. She is singing it but she doesn’t feel it like her song, or there is no sense of belonging between her and the lyrics.


In the meantime, between the video filming and the promotions, something changed. There was a revolution on her feelings and she had to reorganize her thoughts. We don’t know exactly what happened on her mind… maybe it was the contact with her fans, maybe it was the sense of fulfillment, maybe it was comparing herself with other women… but there was a gradual change where her self-esteem increased so much, she felt reassured, she got strength and at the end she felt related to the song.

2017 06 01



2017 06 02



2017 06 03



2017 06 04



2017 06 09


2017 06 10day10


2017 06 11drty


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