Today we will play with names. I will make an interpretation of people’s behavior according to their names.

First of all, I want to say that this is a game, so don’t take it too seriously. We are just having fun here and I make this warning because I don’t want to find out that my house was shot several times just because somebody doesn’t like what I write… I am saying this because sometimes there are grumpy people who see everything in a negative way and they are just waiting for an excuse to have gut-reactions. No, no. No violence please. We are here to have fun and play.

So, if you think you are strong enough, keep reading.

It is said that a name entails the lifestyle of a person. Let’s find out together if this is true or not.

The other day I was talking about people with “Min” as part of their names and it was an unfinished discussion, so let’s do it properly.



I would say that the main characteristic of “Min” is that their hot temper. They have a very strong personality, strong character and it makes them very possessive, passionate and very, very territorial.

When a Min gets on “quarreling mode on”, they will fight with whoever comes across their way and they won’t think if they are crossing the line of danger. They fight with people from their same group and then they move to fight with people from other groups, and looks like they forget a little fact: People from their same group will be tolerant because there are emotional bounds, but if they provoke people from a different group, others won’t be considerate or forgive easily.

Before, it was difficult for me to understand why these Min guys were so territorial and get into quarrels so easily, but now I can understand it better. I have an explanation for that from Mr. Kim. I will post it properly later, but saying it briefly, he said that all Koreans are very possessive about their girlfriends, beloved ones and other “belongings”. They won’t like if somebody else talks to their girlfriend, or looks at their girlfriend, or smiles to their girlfriend or even thinks about their girlfriend. They won’t admit it and immediately they will make it clear to both, the girlfriend and the other person.

Mr. Kim says that all Koreans are like that, he says that it is a normal behavior and we should get used to it… but I don’t see other guys behaving like this. I think it only happens with the “Min” guys.

Having a Min in your life is something like that:

Guy: *Deep thinking*

Min: What are you thinking about? Are you thinking about her?

Guy: No. I am hungry and I was thinking about ordering food… do you want some fried chicken?

Min: Lies!!! You were thinking about her!!!  *grabs the other guy from the neck* Why are you thinking about her?!?!?!!?

Guy: I am not!!! I will just order some food.

Min: Excuses!!! You were about to call her. I know it!!! That’s why you grabbed your phone!!!

Guy: Forget it. I will go to the other room…

Min: Why do you want to be alone? Do you want to call her, right?

Guy: No. I will not be alone. I will go with our friend.

Min: Is he alone in the other room? Is he calling her? *Goes to the other room* Hey you!!! Put that phone down immediately!!!

Guy2: What? Why? I am playing on my phone.

Min: Lies!!

I have a very clear memory about a certain “Min”. Imagine this situation please:

There was a soccer team that won a match. Then the celebration comes with cameras taking pictures and a trophy. Following the protocols, the trophy was given to the team’s captain. When the captain was about to say his thank you speech… Min immediately came and took the trophy from the captain’s hand saying “This trophy represents everything I’ve won” and then hoisted the trophy over his head saying “I am the winner!!”. The captain said nothing. Then more people came to them with a bigger trophy that represents that this team has won several times. Again they were about to give it to the captain and asked for some pictures. Then Min looks at the bigger trophy and practically tears it from the captain’s hands and gives the smaller trophy to someone else. This person gives the small trophy back to the captain. Min looks at the captain with a scornful glance and says “I am the winner”. When he notices that the cameras will start taking pictures, he moves to the middle, pushing everyone away. By this moment, the captain is pushed against a wall, behind half of the team, looking sadly at his small trophy. Min is in the center, in front of the rest of the team, hoisting the trophy with a great smile, celebrating and answering to the reporter’s questions.

And these situations make me think about Min, the one in the youngest team…. Don’t underestimate just because he is younger because I’ve been watching carefully and I can say, for sure, that he is the worst of all the Min. He is at another level. If you compare him with the rest of the Min, right now, he looks cute, but we are talking about different stages in time. Remember how the other Min acted at the beginning. They were not that territorial, possessive and troublemakers… They had that image of cute pacifists, lambs of God, with sweet eyes and after the time they got more and more possessive. But this specific Min is already on that stage. Do you know that people are 70% water? Well, this Min is 70% gunpowder. At the smallest provocation he will turn into fire and will knock down everything that comes into his path. Be careful about this Min. I’ve seen him. Believe me. While the others came at the beginning with a sweet appearance, he already has axes on his hands.



I don’t know if Hyun in Korean means “Singer” or “pretty voice” or something similar, but the fact is that every person with the name “Hyun” is a great singer. This fact gives them a special power that they tend to abuse. The problem here is for the other great singer in the group without the name “Hyun”. Because the Hyun are like “I am the main singer, I am running this show” (Or like we say in Mexico “Only my Doritos are crispy”). Then the other singer in the group, who usually is also great, has no spotlight left for him. And I am not even talking about a certain “Hyun” whose main fanbase is named “Vocal&Visual” and doesn’t allow anybody else to be a visual of the group.

Hyuns are always like “I am the one and only, main, best, absolute, vocalist” and then the other singer will say “Hey! What about my falsetto? I do the falsettos in the song” and Hyun will say “I can do it better”. They will introduce their group like “Here is the dancer who embellishes my singing, the rapper who contrasts and remarks my singing, and my backing singers… And you fans, you all belong to me, fans belong to me, staff belong to me, the stage belongs to me, everything belongs to me”.

I’ve seen this happening on every single group.

Also their second name is “Bottle Cap” because they are always attached to the bottle. They say that they need it to sing… an argument that I can’t understand yet.

The “Hyun” guys tend to be very stable and are exactly the same from beginning to end. There are no weird surprises, no sudden changes, no masks. You know who they are since the beginning. They tell you everything, the good and bad. A Hyun will be exactly the opposite to a “Min”.

The “Hyun” guys got the gift of the word and the gift of the genius. They know how to gain popularity through their heartwarming, funny, interesting words. Everywhere they go, they have something interesting to say. They don’t need to say much; just a few words and they already created a good atmosphere.

Also they are very hardworking and diligent, and despite all their hobbies they will never neglect their job.


They are sexually intimidating. Period.



The “Jun” guys are the very most craziest crazy guys you will ever meet. They are misunderstood by the world, but they don’t care, they keep being free and don’t allow others to put them into molds.

They have an indecipherable mind that you just can’t understand. You will try again and again and every time they will surprise you with something new. It is good because they will never get you bored but at the same time they make you feel unstable because you get lost and confused very easily.

Sometimes they get angry and you don’t understand why and they don’t tell you!! You only see angry faces with a gaze of a serial killer and pouts and you just think “What did I do now?”.

When they should be happy they have a pouty face… and when they should be sad they are happy jumping from one place to another with a bright smile.

They love hamburgers but if you ask them about it they will always deny it. They will say “Only the weak ones fall for it. I don’t. I am not weak like them. It is a trap”.

The “Jun” guys are protectors, defenders and avengers. They are a little unstable. It means one day you can hear one of them saying “F*ck you!!” but at the moment they see an unfair situation they are the first ones to protest with a great courage and with no fears.

They take care of their beloved ones and pay special attention to the details. It is amazing the little details they can remember. If they see a person needing protection they will find a way to protect. You raise a problem and they immediately look for a solution. If they know a person is sick, they will research about a possible healing. They may jump from being very selfish and egocentric, to show a true interest in other’s welfare, even if it goes against their personal desires.

These guys don’t trust very easily. It is hard to gain their trust. They will always see enemies or problems where there are none and it will lead them to be very jealous, but at the end most of their jealousy is passionate. At the moment of a small doubt, they will get angry, yell, cry, make a tantrum, and will cut your throat, even if they are not sure about what’s going on. But you know it only happens when something is important for them. (Like Mozart).

I just can say that the “Jun” guys are very special. Their main charm is their craziness. The crazier they are, the more they make you fall in love with them. You don’t understand them, you just love them the way they are.



Who are the kitties? What does it mean to be ”a kitty”? And this is a very interesting topic because someone said “Being a kitty is being in the highest level. It is like being the Queen in chess. You have more privileges than the King itself.”

The kitties are those pretty boys, who always look younger than their real age, of course they have kitty eyes, they are very cute, sweet, they are well liked by everybody because they are very playful and they do everything gracefully, it doesn’t matter if it is the smallest thing, they look cute, they don’t do it on purpose, it just comes out naturally.

But… BUT… don’t get them angry because they will poke out your eyes. They have this super power, they know it and abuse of it. They live on this world saying “I am a being with imperviousness”. It allows them to have a sharp tongue. One word and they will kill anyone.



Rappers are known for having life philosophies. Rappers go to the stage and show powerful and tough performances and then get out of the stage and talk like if they were a Dalai Lama. They look so powerful at the stages, but once they are out, they talk about peace, high values and spirituality, respect, art etc. At the end they are a bunch of feelings. They are thinkers and you can enjoy listening to them. You can always quote their wise words.



Coming soon:

-Leader vs. Maknae.

-The Bad Luck Member.



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