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I am very happy because i found this guy. He talks about very interesting topics in a clear, honest, and concise way. It looks as a great opportunity to know more about a different mind, especially because he is a Mexican guy living in Korea, working as a bridge between cultures. It may assist in cultural understanding and communication between both cultures. For me, this guy is like the Mexican version of Key. He is like Key. He is very, very intelligent, without complexes, because he is handsome and he knows it… and he talks in a very honest way, without any fears when giving his opinion. As far as he is a person who says exactly what he thinks, we can clearly see a coherent viewpoint.

So I want to share this because I know it will be helpful for everyone. Meeting new viewpoints is always something good to expand our intellectual horizons through the introduction of new concepts. We can learn to be more tolerant and we can learn to see the same situation from different viewpoints at the same time.

This is what he said:

Let me go to the point because I know you don’t like it if I talk, and talk, and talk. At the beginning I didn’t have much confidence and I only showed you everything from the outside. Every time I was showing you more and more about the KBS. I also met new friends, to the extent that I also used to hang out with a model, as friends. I mean, not as my girlfriend… hahaha. Just as “friends”. She told me about the artists’ tricks and secrets. We also talked about who are gays and who, she thinks, are gays or lesbians. All of that… at the end, is for you, because honestly, I don’t care.

There was something that always grabbed my attention. Always, at the KBS, my female friends, who are part of the staff, the security staffs, the blahblah… all of them drink a certain tea. I talk to one of them. I don’t know if she considers herself as famous, but she is the one who tells the news. She also used to drink a tea, a magic tea. We will call it like that: “The magic tea”. I noticed they were always drinking that tea. When i had to eat with them at the cafeteria (they have a huge one and all of them meet there, like artists, actresses etc. Don’t think that everyone eat by their own. No. They don’t talk to each other but… well…) I was always like “Let’s see if i can recognize somebody”. I never recognized anybody. They always told me “Look, she is very famous” and I was like: “Really? And who is she?”. Always, always was like that.

I realized that once, i made a comment between some female friends. “Do you want to know what women do to be so skinny?” and they gave me answers that I can understand, but the information is completely false.

“They stay skinny because they eat so much rice”. No.

“They are on diet all the time. They have many diets”. No.

“They live at the gym”. No.

It is illogical. ¿Why is it illogical?

A)What I want is to get more muscle mass. I am too skinny. Obviously I am not fat. I want to gain more muscle mass. How do I do it? Well, bodybuilders all around the world use steamed-rice. The rice that people eat in Asia, especially in Korea and Japan. Bodybuilders use it to gain muscle mass. That’s why I got heavier somehow. I am skinny right now, but if you knew how skinny I was while living in Mexico… it would be much different.

In China I gained weight, but in a bad way. That’s the name: Gaining weight in the wrong way. I needed to work so hard to lose weight, until I started drinking the magic tea. Here in Korea, I am gaining weight in the right way eating steamed-rice. There are different kinds. I know that we eat fried rice in Latin America, I don’t know about Spain, but at least in Latin America, rice is cooked with oil. It is the worst kind of rice you can eat. Of course it is delicious, but if you want to lose weight, it is the worst you can eat. There are the harmful things like flours, wheat, rice that inflates with oil… It is the worst thing you can eat if you want to lose weight or to take care of your body.

What happens? Just think that a Korean girl eats steamed-rice every day, at every moment of the day, in the morning, at night, etc… How can it be a diet? If us, the ones who want to gain muscle mass eat steamed-rice. It is illogical, right? Then they say “It is because the woman’s body blahblah”. No, it is ridiculous. Obviously it is not like that.

Now I have enough freedom to say it because I’ve met actresses, models… I haven’t had yet the pleasure of meeting an artist, obviously a female singer, but I already have Korean friends, formal friends, ex-girlfriends, girlfriends etc… I noticed that they always tell you at the beginning: “I can’t eat that. I am on a diet”, “I don’t drink beer because I am on a diet… or maybe just 1”. Always! It is always like that! I have noticed that as far as you get a closer friendship and they get familiar with you, these girls really eat like troglodytes. I mean, they really eat such amounts of food!! Wow!! Wow!! Many times i’ve been like “Are you really eating all of that?” and I am not tactful at all. So I did a face like “:O” and she was like “Oh I am already full”. She wasn’t satisfied yet, but she saw my face when I noticed how much she was eating hahahaha.

Then, it is impossible that they are skinny after eating all of that. Here, it is mandatory that you  have to eat with your boss or your coworkers from time to time. Eating together means eating fried chicken, pizza, things like that. It has nothing to do with a diet. And they must drink beer and soju until they explode. It is mandatory.

Korean girls drink beer as Asgardians!!! I swear it!!! I mean, have you seen Thor drinking beer? It is nothing compared to the way these girls drink beer!! They seriously drink beer. They know about beer. They know about alcohol.

So don’t come to me saying that they stay skinny just by being on a diet… because their diet is made of beer and chicken. And I am sorry but beer gets you fat, whether some people like it or not, the truth is that beer gets you a belly. Obviously, people who like beer will say “It is not true. Beer doesn’t gain you weight”. It is a reality.

So, they drink beer and soju. They eat fried food and steamed-rice which gains muscle mass. Then tell me, how can they lose weight? Are they at the gym the whole day? You have to come to Korea and you will notice that Koreans really don’t have time. It is true, job and study consume them in such way… they have no time at all. I go to the gym and there are only a few women. Just a few. Most of them are men. Unless they are taking dance lessons and they use the gym as a complement… but only as a complement. Really there are just a few women.

I asked to my friend at KBS. I told him I used to like a reporter there, but obviously she is married and everything. I told him: “I have noticed that every Friday, when we go to drink, she drinks so much beer. She drinks it like if it was water. How the hell is it possible to be that skinny??”. She is actually super skinny!! In addition to that, I don’t know if she got a surgery or something because she got boobies and she is super skinny. She is 42 years old, she is married and has 2 children. She is super skinny and doesn’t go to the gym. I am sure about it. it is a fact that she doesn’t go to the gym.

[You are sticking out your tongue hahahaha]

So I explained all of that to my friend. They have to take out that idea from their minds… A girl said something that I didn’t like it because it was too scornful. A girl said: “They all are malnourished and plain like a plank and Koreans like girls like that”. and I told her “You have no idea what you are saying”.

Actually, many Korean girls have boobies without a surgery. Butt.. not so much… they have almost nothing… but they got boobies without the need of getting a surgery. Those boobies are natural. I know it, believe me. Also, they are skinny because of 2 reasons: They like to be skinny and want to attract a good boy. Or society is pushing them.

My friend, the model, told me this:

If someday you find a girl who tells you “I only care about feelings and I don’t care about appearance” is because the girl, there are 2 options… she is fat, I mean she has fat rolls… or she is a lazy woman who doesn’t want to make any exercise and diets and she likes to eat. Those are the options. As soon as you say “I don’t want to lose weight, I don’t feel like doing it. I love myself the way I am. I like to be chubby. I don’t want to be on a diet. I don’t want to do exercise.  (Obviously she is explaining this to me, as Korean and as a model. Obviously she knows about it more than I do and more than you do).  Obviously she has no more options than saying “I don’t care about physical appearance”. Obviously a handsome, sexy man, with a nice body will always choose, or will prefer somebody like me. It doesn’t matter how nice or pretty she is, he will prefer somebody like me.

That’s what she told me, as a skinny woman, somebody who is on a diet, who always tries to have a nice make up, to be pretty, blahblah. She says:

It is painful, but it is the truth. Every time you meet a girl who says “I only care about feelings”, it is because there is something wrong on her, she is fat or there is something.

And I said “Wow”. I felt it like if they threw a bucket of cold water over me. And then I noticed that friends tell me that and actually they are not too skinny like the Korean society demands. Do you remember my ex-girlfriend? “The bipolar girlfriend”. Like i told you, she told me that she didn’t like me so much because I was too skinny. She is not skinny, I mean, she is not very fat, but she is chubby. She used to say “I would prefer a man with a belly” and I remember I said “Oh! It is because you got a belly” and obviously she didn’t like my comment.

[And obviously the bipolar is the girl… hahaha]

But also, at that moment, I felt despised for being too skinny, but now that I talked about with a model, I could understand her. What she felt was actually fear, because I was too skinny and she wasn’t and it was like an unbalanced couple. Am I explaining it clearly? She prefers to have somebody who is fatter than her so…. Am i explaining it correctly?

So, now I understand her point and now I understand those comments of “I don’t like that you are too skinny”. So now that I already explained all of that, you can take out those ideas from your mind. So I asked my friend, the model… How is it possible that they are so skinny? If they eat so much, they eat so many bad things. Those things are harmful for the body… How is it possible to be that skinny if they don’t exercise and don’t get surgeries?

She told me: “Obviously because they take pills to be skinny. We mainly drink, because I also drink it, a special tea.” Which we are not saying the name. She told me: “Didn’t you really notice that I am always drinking this tea?” and she showed me the tea. She said: “Every girl that gather with us, dancers, the weather forecast girls, the reporters, the blahblah, all those girls from the staff, the stylists…. Haven’t you noticed it? they are always drinking tea”. And I was like “I noticed, but I thought it was like Japan. Everybody drinks tea in Japan”. I thought it was the same situation. She told me: “it is a reductive tea. It will take away all the toxins and helps you to lose weight, but it is a very strong tea”. I said “Wow” My first reaction was… I don’t want to sound racist but I said: “I am sure it is a Chinese tea with ginger or something” and she said: “No. It is an American tea”. And I said “An American tea?!?!?!?!” and she kept explaining me about it.

I thought it was like the things they sell in Mexico to lose weight, the milkshakes and the malted milk and the blahblah. I thought it was the same…

[He is saying it like that because the milkshakes that they sell in Mexico don’t work]

But this tea is so powerful that the company has been growing up so fast. Look, this is the tea. I thought about drinking it so I bought it. The truth is that the tea is a little expensive. It costs 20,000 won and only has 4 sachets. So, how do you prepare this tea? You boil water in a pot, put the tea in there and let it settle. You don’t drink it hot. You let the tea to settle for the whole night. The next day, it is ready and you drink it cold. You drink one cup in the morning or with the main meal and one cup at night. The product’s slogan is that you will lose 5lbs in 5 days and I swear it, I swear it, I had diarrhea for 3 weeks. It sounds disgusting but it is the truth. I fell in love with my bathroom during those 3 weeks. I didn’t leave the bathroom.

[Why is he sticking out his tongue?!?!]

I was in the middle of the class “Teacher, please, I need to use the bathroom”. At first I hated that tea, because I was happily walking when suddenly… Flash to the bathroom!!! And I said “Why am I drinking this sh*t??”. but I realized that… well it says 5 days, but I noticed until a week later. I noticed how those fat rolls that I was unable to get rid of with exercise and everything I do… they disappeared in a week!!! And I was like “WOOOOOOOOOW”. Now I understand! And they drink it every day, every single day.

My friend, the model, told me: “It is like signing a contract with the devil. And it is forever”. While you are drinking this tea, you can keep eating chicken from time to time, drinking beer and this tea helps to clean toxins and fat. It makes you to expel the fat, by going to the bathroom, obviously… How else would you get rid of that fat? And you can go on with your life happily.

And you don’t have to get into forced diets of “I will eat nothing”. Like many Latinas do, the diet of “I only eat fruits, lettuce and tomato”. It is a stupid diet because your body needs meat, chicken, and different things. Obviously not pizza, right?

This tea has ginger and a certain plant…. What was its name in Spanish? Well.. it has ginger…

Now imagine that you drink it every day, every single day. It is a reality. I’ve seen it and just think about it… if the reporters, the forecast girls, the interviews girls, the staffs, the models and all these people drink the tea… obviously the artists drink it too. Maybe they don’t drink exactly this tea, but they drink other teas… or maybe like the model says: “We also take pills to lose weight”. Forget about the “losing weight with exercise, diets and the Korean food…” because it is not true.

It is true that the Korean food is much more natural and better than the food in other countries, including the Mexican, but it is not really based on the food. They eat so much meat and chicken… they do eat a lot of vegetables but they also eat so much steamed-rice. All kinds of things. So, it is not only about the diet.

If you also want to try out this tea, it is an American tea. You will get it easily because you are closer to USA than closer to here. I will keep drinking it.

I want you to remember that Latin America and Korea are very different. I think in Mexico, physical appearance is not so important. Here, in Korea, they still have a little bit about it. Most women, not all of them, but most women obviously would prefer a skinny man. That’s what my friend explained to me. “If the girl is chubby, obviously she will not want a skinny guy or a guy who looks very good, because she will feel bad”.



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