Chapter III

*After many hours of explaining step by step what happened*

Jess: Well… this is the unknown story. Nobody knows it (but my mom). It is a great relief to say it. Now you tell me… What do you think?

Chan: Wow… I am frozen.

Jess: Really? Is my story that crazy?

Chan: I am literally frozen. My feet are frozen. Can I tell you the truth about what I think?

Jess: We promised to be completely honest.

Chan: It is a sad story that somehow made me laugh. Now I feel bad for laughing at it.

Jess: Ehhh?

Chan: Sorry, I know it is not funny for you, but if you see it from the outside it is funny. It is hilarious.

Jess:  Ehhhh???

Chan: I am being honest!!! I am frozen. It is unexpected, but… I don’t know if you are very lucky or very unlucky.

Jess:  Someday I will write a book about it and call it “A story of love, betrayal and many stupid actions all together”.

Chan: That’s why it is funny. Because everything was obviously wrong!!!

Jess: Now you tell me your story. I will find a way to laugh at you.

Chan: You know what? I was worried; I thought this would be a difficult topic. I thought I would feel bad, but you actually made me laugh.

*After talking about his story*

Chan: Well, that was the big secret. What do you think? Did you also laugh?

Jess: No. Actually I am very, very, very, angry at her. I am aware that you are telling me your side of the story and I can’t judge without hearing her side of the story but…. I am really, really angry…

Chan: Ok. Now that we know everything about what happened, we know how we can hurt each other. You promised you won’t cheat on me and I won’t….. I don’t know… I don’t know what should I avoid hahahaha.



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