The Challenge

A challenge with pictures. I like it. There are 6 pictures and we have to find the meaning of them. Every person will send their ideas and a winner will be chosen. It was a contest for the fans and I participated. I sent my ideas.

Picture 1.-

This is the representation of a Platonic solid. Each solid represents an element. I don’t know if the triangles are a tetrahedron, which represents fire, or if it is an icosahedron which represents water.  



Picture 2.-

It represents the Fibonacci sequence.




Picture 3.-

This is a Bible story about cows. In Egypt the Pharaoh dreamed about 7 beautiful, plump cows, eating and drinking water happily… Then the Pharaoh saw 7 ugly and extremely thin cows, like dying from starvation. Then the ugly cows ate the beautiful cows. And the Pharaoh woke up. Joseph could interpret that dream as a warning. He said: “The 7 plump cows represent 7 years of abundance and the 7 thin cows represent 7 years of food shortage”. When the years of abundance came, the Pharaoh stored as much grains as possible. When there was food scarcity, they had stored food and there was no famine.

When you know what will happen, you can take preventive measures. And it is not necessary to be a magician or a fortune-teller, you just need to pay attention and you will know how things work. We just need to use a spiral paradigm. It says that the actual stage of life can give you enough information and characteristics that you will use as a precedent to develop a prototype. With it you can make a realistic risk analysis for the next stage, with the purpose of reducing the risks before they turn into a real problem. That way you can know what will happen in the future, without necessarily waiting for it to happen and going thought all those problems. Even though, people usually only pays attention until the incident already happened, even if there were already warnings saying “This will happen”. It is like when you know that a couple will get divorced even before they get married.

Of course, there are very clear and predictable situations, but there are different levels of risks, that’s why every situation deserves its own risk analysis.




Picture 4.-

Binary Numbers.


Or maybe this… I don’t know. 



Picture 5.-

In this case 2 opposite ideas were provided. So opposite that there is not a slight similarity between them. Are those letters or numbers? It is like asking yourself “Are you a slave or a rebel?”. A rebel would not accept the rules…rules like the magnetism rules, “Opposite poles attract each other, while similar poles repel each other”. And I say:

Do not obey the rule! Be a rebel!




Picture 6.-

It makes me to think about the Fibonacci sequence again.






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