SHINee’s Concert


I stayed awake watching Shinee’s concert until the sunrise😄

It was really nice and full of new stuff. I laughed a lot with the VCRs. Onew said he was dressed today as a red brownie, that’s why he was wearing a red bowtie (?). Minho had a new look. They said it was chosen by his mother. I think it looks great because it was a radical change. He looked like another person.

Fans said that Seventeen’s Hoshi arrived to the concert and from the VIP box he yelled “Onew Saranghae!!”

They said that Taemin arrived very late. Taemin said he could just take a shower and ran to the venue. He took the shower right before the concert so his hair was still wet when the concert started.

Everybody was on a very good mood today. The guys were really happy, until the atmosphere turned a little uncomfortable because Taemin decided to snitch on Onew. Taemin said that Onew got a tattoo on his back with the shape of a butterfly.

I was thinking a lot about it. Onew ahjussi, what are you thinking about when doing that kind of things? I really, really hope it was a temporary tattoo, but by the way Taemin said it, I don’t think it was a temporary tattoo.

I don’t know what’s going on with Onew and I am very worried. He also said something about wanting to put silicon somewhere. They talked a lot about abs, and now I am wondering if they can make abs with silicon.

I just want to say… Onew you already are a gorgeous man without tattoos or abs. You don’t need any of those. Your fans already fall for you only by your arms and your lips…… and sometimes by your voice too…

One of the guys said that Onew lost his abs and then Onew said:

“This concert’s name will be Silicon, because we will have to resort to silicon”.

And Jonghyun replied: “Chilli corn?”.

Then Taemin said: “I will tell you something and you will never sleep peacefully again. Never, never, never hahaha. *whispers* Onew actually has abs… but he is never going to show you.” Then he laughed in a very evil way and said “I know you want to see Onew’s abs, but you will never, never see them”. Then Taemin looked at Onew and said “Onew, you have been working so hard, but… no… never…” and kept laughing.

Taemin said that his older brother has abs too and then said “Fuck”.

Looks like the word of the night was “fuck”.


Fans also said that one of the dancers didn’t arrive to the concert and Jonghyun had to be a backup dancer for Taemin’s solo.

Key said that fans are very good at writing novels. He said he has read many of the novels fans write. He said that all of those were very good and he was amazed. Key thinks that fans should become professional novel writers.

I am wondering if he was talking about fanfics…

Fans got some pictures of Key’s brother. They look like the same.


Onew’s brother was there too. And they are also very, very similar.


They said that Onew’s mom was at the concert with Onew’s brother. A fan was sitting very close to Onew’s mom and she said that the mother was all the time arranging the brother’s clothes.

In the middle of the concert a fan yelled something mean to Jonghyun. He didn’t like it and he threw his balls to the fan (he had a basket full of balls). The rest of the fans laughed a lot.

Key was the designer of the outfits, so he spent the whole night arranging the member’s clothes so they could look great at all times.

Also, Onew was telling Jonghyun about how sexy he looked. He was the whole night like that. Then Jonghyun said to Onew: Onew, are you OK? Are you having fun? You look so exhausted.

Onew: I am cool.. but you look so sexy tonight (then he asked to fans) Doesn’t he feel hot???

Jonghyun: You guys know how Jinki is a little stiff and stingy with his sexy moves, but no, not tonight he is serving they all are.

Onew: I can make you feel good.

Minho: We aimed for the sexy concept.

Then all 5 rolled their hips.

Key: Just be careful that your pant’s button doesn’t open.

Taemin: Why is so much sex happening?

Then they were introducing the new song.

Onew: Please sign with us!

Key: How would they know the lyrics!?!?!

While singing colorful, fans made an event with banners. But they had a hard time because Minho yelled “Raise your hands!” and then Onew said “Clap your hands” and fans had the banners on their hands and they were confused about what to do. Taemin laughed at the fans.

The concert was really crazy and very, very fun.

Fans are also very shocked by Onews porn video. They are angry at the tv company because they said that the company tricked Onew. The company told Onew that he would make a tv show and they put him in a weird hentai movie.



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