Analyzing Big Bang’s paintings

You know what people say “Study what you would like to do for the rest of your life” and by this moment you may already know that I study psychology, focused on sexuality. I’ve been studying it since a long time ago, and I’ve been learning the traditional psychology as much as the unorthodox and ignoble ideologies that were banned by the moralist society. I love psychology and it became a really important part of me. I live in that mood. I see a person and I immediately start analyzing and the first thing I can see the level of sexual satisfaction a person has.

More than a gift, it is a curse.

Now that I explained my professional profile I want to explain that I’ve spent the last 8 years studying the “Thematic apperception test”. If I keep working hard on my studies, in 5 more years I will get my diploma on the Rorschach Test and I will create a new one like I did with the Thematic apperception test. I’ve also fixed several tests too. Everything was a mess. I just couldn’t stop myself from fixing them.

How did I get the idea of fixing the test?

Big Bang members, as a celebration of their 4th anniversary, made some paintings and will make an art exhibit. At the moment I saw the paintings I felt the need of analyzing them. I saw the video without subtitles, so I don’t even know who made each painting. It is good because there won’t be any prejudice.

You can watch the full video here:

Let’s analyze the first picture.


In this picture we can see a clear definition of the cultural background that, in a long-term, formed the man’s thinking creating a clear conjunction of several aspects that managed to be shaped there in a single time.

The title of this painting should be something like “We all live in a collage”. For the creator of this piece, the straight line is evasive, tends to run away, is something that simply goes away and connects you to the universe, this is the meaning of the straight lines. It clearly talks about iconoclasm and destruction while they are building up at the same time. This person obviously questions himself all the time. I am talking about universal questions, the ones that were there even before he was born, because we don’t walk on the infinite, living on an ideal world, like walking across the park. A self-portrait has a deeper meaning, it is not made just by vanity, painting everything else could be more important than a self-portrait.


This painting has a really high sexual content. It contains a huge amount of phallic shapes everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you look, you will find phallic figures. I am sure you can see all those shapes. It has more sexual subliminal messages than the Disney movies. We can see the strong influence of the painter’s mother as well as the behavior between the mother and the father and the way it affected the painter’s vision of the world. One of the best things about art is that art doesn’t lie. If something is fake or artificial you feel it. This painting is so natural that conveys the message so easily. Everybody knows that bright colors represent happiness. The bright colors show the happiness and the self-confidence of the painter’s related to his sex life, he is so happy that wants to immortalize his happiness. Basically the painting says that he is a show-off.


I can see very clear how this painter said “The color has no limits from now on. I want to paint with a red so intense that no one has ever seen before”. As I said before, I don’t have the subtitles, so I don’t know if the 3 paintings were made by the same person or not, but the second painting (the one in the middle) clearly talks about a person with a masculine personality, I could know that it was painted by a man just by the image. This painting was made by a person who enjoys drinking, but when he gets drunk he tends to do outrageous things, like peeing on the walls. People’s habits are always expressed on their paintings, even on a simple drawing or scrawl.


The first picture, the white and blue is very interesting… I am trying to understand the whole concept and how the apple fits with the lamp, and the flying butterfly flying over the man drinking orange juice…. It tells you a whole story that I can’t completely understand. Anyway the blue sky with white fluffy clouds shows the happiness and hopes of the person while painting.


The third painting, the blue+white+yellow shows an interesting movement. Movement means a situation that takes us to another one. Changes. This painting represents the changes in life. I see some inspiration in the culture of the Middle Ages, where a small change in people’s mind could be a huge transgression to the established system. It has contradiction, the old thinking and the new thinking. There are 3 silhouettes that look like 3 girls playing on the beach, like if you watch it from the sky. Children always represent the hopes for the future, also changes.


Hands express our intentions and emotions at a certain moment. Of course the actual trends may change the position of the hands that we usually do. Showing your hands is a sign of honesty. So this painting basically testifies honesty and a transparent personality. It also shows a very creative personality. It has been written in several books: “A person who has fun matching colors shows his creativity and freedom to try new things, especially if those are bright colors” like the ones on the painting.


Like the great painter Jacobo Borges used to say “Turning over a painting is just a way to find a dirty piece of cloth. Do you imagine how it is to turn over the Gioconda?”.


Here we can see a whole artist that expresses himself on every single detail of his life. A very smart person who pays attention to every single detail combined with a very good taste. It is clear by the accessories he is wearing. The beautiful rings that perfectly match with the bracelets create a unique style that makes him outstanding wherever he goes. In addition to that, we can find the elegance of black clothes that will always suit well with any situation. Everything also fits with the beautiful eyebrows that are the second most important part of the face, because eyebrows are the frame of the eyes. Perfect, just perfect and with a very good taste. He has a perfect balance: many big rings, small necklaces… shiny jewelry, dark clothes. It is a basic rule that I always apply when I wear that kind of rings, bracelets, necklaces and shirt.

Well, that was my psychological analysis of Big Bang’s paintings. The first appointment is always free ^_^

For more psychological analysis please contact my persona assistant and we will make an appointment.

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