I was watching a video about the crazy stories related to Mexican celebrities and I realized that Mexico is a very bizarre place.

There are unexpected situations and also the common situations that happen on every live show. These videos are just examples of the common situations. There is a reporter who stomped on a small puddle… a girl who farted on national TV… or the girl reading comments with a double meaning without even noticing it (for a really long time and during several chat sessions).

**Note: If you see the whole video, the first one is fake, so I didn’t consider it. It was supposed to be a very arrogant poet who gets angry when the MCs make fun of his poetry.

The second one is about a man doing an ad and got confused with the brands. It is like having a coca-cola on your hands and yelling “Drink Pepsi! It is my favorite!! Oh… damn I will get fired”).


There was a very famous late night show. It was very, very popular because the main host, named Adal, made very funny monologues and was loved by teenagers. He was the most important piece of the whole show. Wherever he went, the show had a very high viewer rating. One of the main characteristics of that show is that he did everything live. It was almost his request.

In that time the tv company was about to start a new show for children. There were games and competitions for children to win prizes. A few days before the show started, they made a special program with Adal and the members of the famous show.

Adal made his show live like always, but instead of doing it on his normal set, he did it on the set of the new show. There were the new show’s MCs too. As far as it was a show for children, the MCs were teenagers with a little experience (the girl was an actress since child, but not a tv host).

At the starting of the show, they took Adal to his spot and started the first game. I don’t remember well, I think he had to answer a question and if he did it wrong, some disgusting things would fall down from the barrel over his head. In the game he answered correctly, but the barrel still made the noise like if his answer was wrong. Instead of disgusting things falling down… there was fire over him. Nobody knows why there was fire.

They stopped the show immediately. Adal went to the hospital. Everything was crazy. The teenage hosts didn’t know what to do….

Immediately there were parents complaining about the danger, saying things like “There was an adult, but it would happen to a child. If this is the safety on the first game, what would we expect at the rest?”.

After that, the show was cancelled. Adal got his face burnt. He was absent to a couple of shows and then then we saw his recovery on every live show. He still has some marks on his face.


Have you been in the situation where you have to work year after year with a person that just can’t stand? We have a man who is known for being a real gentleman, one of the most decent and educated man between celebrities. He is working with a woman who is known for creating problems at the backstage. There was always a new MC who left the show saying “I can’t stand her anymore”. But this man endured everything, month after month… (Actually I have no idea how much they worked together but I think there were years.) She was more and more annoying, until he couldn’t resist and told her “Go away bitch!”.

The best part is that people secretly hated her and they enjoyed it.



In this case, this 40+ years old singer was playing with the drones in the middle of the concert like if he was a child discovering the world. He grabbed the drone in a wrong way and it sliced his fingers. He was bleeding a lot and the staff told him to stop the concert and go to the hospital, but he didn’t want to. You know what they say: “The show must go on”. So he kept singing and dancing like if nothing happened, despite he kept bleeding. He said it was because he loves his fans and didn’t want to disappoint them, and then he drew a heart with his blood on his shirt…

And maybe after that he sang his main song “Hero” saying “I would save you a thousand times… I would give my life for you… without any doubt”.

Please take care of yourself.

Here is the video, but don’t watch it if you don’t like blood.


There was a singer with a not-so-successful career. While trying to survive as a singer he got divorced. In the middle of the crisis, he wrote a song for his ex-wife. In my very own opinion, it is a terrible song with ugly lyrics, but for some reason there are people who liked the song. It basically says “Please, go away. I don’t love you anymore. Stop begging. Shush!”. He put it randomly on his album and suddenly the song was successful, so successful that it became his “logo song”. After that, at every tv show, concert or event, people asked for that song. Time passes and he became more and more famous due to this song. Interviews got so embarrassing for the ex-wife. You know that there are always cruel reports with questions like: “What do you think about your ex-husband getting famous and rich with that song he wrote for you?”.

Time passes and he kept singing the song for years. After so much time, his son grew up and wanted to be a singer too. Everything was fine with him. The boy is kind of handsome, kind of sings well, the got a nice style, a nice album… but for some reason he wasn’t successful. He tried very hard and couldn’t have a good starting. He kept working hard and nothing was enough.

His father tried to help inviting his son to his concerts, making duets, special stages, talking about his son at interviews, but nothing worked. Until the company told the boy: “You need a safe song, a song that will be a success for sure, a song that has been already released and successful. Sing your father’s song”. Of course the boy was shocked because is the same song written for his mother, who was already in a very uncomfortable situation.

After so much struggling he accepted and sang the song. People paid attention to him and after that he became famous. Suddenly people liked his first album, the one that they didn’t like at first. Then he released another album and was also successful…. He is fine now, but still he is often hired to sing the song with his father.



Once there was a model that became a real symbol of bad luck. She was a beautiful, successful model and suddenly lots of bad things happened to her.

She was a very famous model and everything was fine when she suddenly announced that she was sick with a super-rare virus on her skin that was eating her flesh. The virus ate flesh and bone going from her eye, her cheek to her nose. She also lost her hair on the surrounding area.

After so much investigation they found out that her stylist had a second job doing the makeup for dead people’s funeral. One of the bodies was already half rotten and had the virus (or bacteria?). The stylist used the same makeup kit for both jobs so the brushes were infected with the virus. She was a very expensive stylist who did the makeup of really famous celebrities. People couldn’t believe the stylist had such second job.

At that moment, the rest of artists and celebrities got very afraid and shocked. Since that time celebrities carry their own makeup kit and don’t allow anybody to borrow it. If they don’t have their kit, they ask for disposable items. Also, they make a strict research before hiring a stylist.

The virus destroyed a big area of the model’s face and she had to get into several surgeries to try to remove it. After those surgeries she had almost lost her nose. Doctors said that they needed to remove everything to make sure that the virus was eradicated before it moved to dangerous areas like the eye or even the brain.

A little after her surgery, she was struck by a taxi and she was sent back to the hospital. After that recovery, a few weeks later, she was doing a press conference to explain what happened. Before arriving to the press conference she had a car accident. So she went back to the hospital. While checking the effects of the accident, doctors found a problem on one of her breast implants. After that recovery, she had a 3rd car accident. She got hurt on her column and hips. In one of those accidents, doctors said that had a 90% of possibility of death and people couldn’t believe how she survived. In one of those accidents she got hit on her nose again.

She kept having weird accidents. Other artists said that it was sad and funny at the same time, because she would get hurt in the most ridiculous situations. She was walking on the hallways and a door opened and hit her. She fell down from the stairs. She fell down from a stage. They said “If we tell you everything that happens to her at the backstage, you wouldn’t believe it”. She turned into a symbol of bad luck.

With all those problems she got into serious economic problems. Other celebrities created a movement called “Today for others, tomorrow for yourself”. Celebrities collected money to pay for her medical treatments, believing that if they face a similar situation later, others would help too. Just the same way their labor union created an organization to assure a pension and safe retirement for artists, because in Mexico they usually don’t meet the requirements for a normal retirement. It was a moment when they were very worried about each other’s future and welfare.

After the virus, her face was completely destroyed. She got into a deep depression that led to very bad psychological problems. If you see it from her view point, it is understandable. She was a beautiful model, on the top of her career and suddenly sees herself with a destroyed face, being pitiful and with no future. Anyone would feel desperate. Once she said that she was so used to the model’s lifestyle that she couldn’t believe when the doctor told her that she couldn’t wear makeup anymore because her skin was in danger. She couldn’t imagine a life without make up, fake eyelashes and hair products. It happened around the year 2000 and she is still under treatments and plastic surgeries trying to recover her face.

A couple of years ago, she got a nose surgery with the best Mexican surgeon, a very, very good one. But something went wrong and her nose looked even worse than before. She tried to fix it (I don’t know if it was with the same surgeon or a different one) and her nose was worse. She had no nose left to keep doing surgeries, so one of the surgeons put an implant on her nose tip. Now, it looks like the implant “fell down” and moved to one side of her nose. She is desperate trying to fix her nose.

She was very angry with the surgeon and complained about the bad job he made. That situation gathered the attention of surgeons around the world, who couldn’t believe the mistake a surgeon with an impeccable reputation.


When the investigations started, the truth was revealed.

Several doctors checked her medical records and they found out that it wasn’t only the surgeon’s fault. It turns out that the woman was addicted to cocaine since a long time ago. Sniffing cocaine destroyed her nose more than the virus itself, but she always denied it so it affected the whole treatment.

Lying to a doctor in one of the most dangerous things a person can do. They should know EVERYTHING.

This is what another surgeon said: “The way the blood runs on the nose has a very delicate system that gets highly affected at the moment of snorting cocaine. The cocaine causes a constriction of blood vessels. The blood can’t pass through the vessels. The septum’s tissue receives less oxygen and starts dying. It deteriorates until it can’t cover the cartilage anymore. Then the cartilage also dies. The septum, that protects the cartilage, gets a perforation and then the cartilage may get a perforation too or an infection and also keeps dying. Most cocaine addicts are not aware of the danger, even when they see the first symptoms like allergies, nasal congestions, recurrent infections… they can even have blood on their nose and still don’t get medical help. When there is blood, there is already a perforation that must be treated immediately. The perforation on the septum won’t recover by itself. It is needed the help of a highly specialized surgeon. Even if they stop using cocaine, the nose will not completely recover, never. If the perforation is not treated, it will grow bigger and bigger, even if they stop using cocaine. It increases the risks of infections and it can even change the appearance of the nose. This is what happened on that case. She got surgeries, implants but if she keeps using cocaine, she keeps destroying her nose. She is the one destroying the surgeon’s work. When she arrived for the surgery, she didn’t say that she had a pneumonia caused by the cocaine. The cocaine not only damaged the nose, it also damaged the larynx and even the lungs. She also had malnutrition, a very dangerous gastritis and liver damage because of the alcohol. Also she had a really weak immune system due to her addictions”.

Then people realized that most of her accidents were not “accidents”. She was always under the effect of alcohol and other drugs and her behavior was affected causing most of the accidents. When she had the accident with just the 10% probability of survival, she was so intoxicated that the death cause would have been an overdose.

Some people said that the car accidents were when she was under the effect of drugs. Some people say that those were suicide attempts…. She lost her face, she was under several treatments, failed rehabilitation attempts, she lost her daughters custody, and little by little was losing the support of friends and other celebrities who got tired of fighting against her addiction. Some celebrities even saw her illness as a way to get money and even doubted about the real existence of that virus. Some celebrities even said that she wasn’t very sick, that she had something called “stage addiction” where celebrities feel that they are losing their fame and start doing all kind of things to create scandals and grab people’s attention again.

Well, the virus actually existed, because after the investigations with all the stylist’s clients, there were other who got the same virus, but it didn’t cause such damage because they were not into drugs, so their bodies were not damaged.

Celebrities gathered again, looking for a way to help her to get out of the addictions and found a rehabilitation center. The doctor in charge of her said in an interview: “Addiction never goes away completely. It is just controlled, but once you start, you can never completely get out. If she follow the instructions and makes a radical change on her life, she may control her addiction. In this case she was famous, and it increases the risk of a relapse, because she will see everything in a different way. If the person is famous, addictions are as twice as dangerous and at the same time it is easier to get into addictions. The first step, and the hardest one, is to take her away from the stages and isolate her, even from her family. She needs time with herself. Meanwhile her family and closer friends are also under treatment. We have to check their emotional state. Also she has been using drugs since she was in her 20’s so it is pretty sure that her daughters inherited addiction problems, we have to check them too. Her family is so tired of fighting, so we have to help them before they just quit and abandon her. Right now the treatment is still being paid by other celebrities.”

Now she lives in the middle of rehabilitation clinics and surgeries. She fell into a vicious circle. She feels ugly, she gets depressed, she uses drugs, it creates more problems, she goes to rehabilitation, she feels more depressed, and she looks for more drugs.


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