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There is something I wanted to talk since days ago. I had the ideas on my mind and didn’t know how to say everything in a way that would make justice for this beautiful album. I want to talk about the real reasons why I love this album and not just non-sense fangirling.

This is not fangirling, this is a serious review, so I will suppress all the “OH my God!!! Did you see Taemin and his kissable lips?!?!?!?! He is just a living piece of art!!”

No, I will not be like that… I’ll be a professional critic and I will just give an impartial opinion.

The first thing I want to say is: I love it. I love every single song, every single video, every single performance, every single outfit and choreography…. I love every single thing about “Press It”.

If you ask me about my favorite song of the album, I just can’t choose one. I love every song. I think it was really hard for Taemin to choose a title song, because every song is so great that deserves to be the title song. I hope Taemin keeps singing these songs for a long time because they are just too beautiful. I want to see him singing all the songs and not just the main songs. People need to know about the other songs too.

The album is so beautiful that I don’t know where to start. (I am not fangirling).

Talking in a very general way about the album, it is great and worth every penny, seriously, buy it, buy lots of albums. I will keep saying that like if I was the future owner of Taemin’s purse-strings. (I am joking… but yeah, buy it! Now!!).

Even the medley is so great:

I deeply admire this man, the owner of my thoughts, because he pays so much attention to the little details. Taemin works so hard on everything that he just came out with a great album. It is his very own style, it represents him very well. It is very different to Shinee’s style and also to his first album Ace. If I see “Danger” and “Press your number” or “Drip drop” I can see how much he learned from the first album to the second and how much he improved. I love “Danger” and I had no idea what would be better than Danger, but actually he did it!!! He improved and could beat his own work. Sometimes it is so hard to believe that he has been able to do so such things at that age.

I like that we can appreciate his voice so well and also we enjoy that special way that Taemin has to interpret the songs with such passion and energy. I like Taemin’s voice, it so unique and different and goes perfect with the style of his songs and his passion.

The first song I heard was “Drip Drop” and still can’t get it out of my mind. I dare you to listen the song and don’t spend the rest of the day singing “Drip, drop, drip, drop”.

The video is just amazing:

I’ve seen people say again and again: “Why is the sky so blue? How did they get that effect?”. I think most of us could enjoy the way the blue sky mixes with the sand color, which is also in a perfect harmony with Taemin’s clothes. I mean, the patterns and colors are in harmony. The earth colors on Taemin’s clothes go perfectly with the sand color and please, please, please, tell me that you noticed the beautiful effect of that black scarf moving along with the dance. This is the kind of details I am talking about.

I really like Taemin’s dressing style. He is always so well-dressed, with his unique style. He tries new things, he is original and takes risks, but at the same time, his style he doesn’t break the basic rules. Wherever he goes, Taemin will stand out just because of his exquisite dressing style. Who would think about wearing those braces that look so great? There is something a little detail that makes him different, a very special piece of clothing, an accessory… there will be always something unique.

Taemin is very careful about the quality of the clothes, always. Because we can have a very nice design, but if the quality of the cloth/fabric is low, the quality of the garment will be lowered too. Also, the patterns and colors may increase or lower the elegance of the whole outfit.

Taemin doesn’t need a huge amount of accessories for his outfit. You know that common joke “Sometimes people need to cover themselves on accessories to hide their ugly face”. Well, this is the very opposite case. He is a very, very handsome man, and his face is everything he needs to stand out, I mean, the rest of the outfit is just an extra. Also it is well-known that sometimes a simple outfit looks more elegant/sophisticated than an overloaded outfit.

In this case, the clothes are very nice and at the same time useful, like the case of the scarf or the boots that let him to dance while protecting his ankles. I think a dancer must pay special attention to the shoes, because they may hurt or protect his feet and the posture of the whole body. Everything in the body is connected and a bad shoe may even hurt the spine or neck. Also, there is the wise advice: “If you want to know people’s real economic status, look at their shoes. Clothes and accessories may lie, but shoes never”. I think we may be stingy on anything but on a good-quality pair of shoes.

In this case the outfit let him to dance comfortably, and at the same time there is nothing hiding or overshadowing his dance. Also the clothes are in harmony with his skin tone, his hair color and his eye’s color, in addition to the whole background.

When I say that Taemin doesn’t break basic rules on dressing I am talking about that harmony. Everything is under the same style. He doesn’t do weird mixes… like formal clothes with sport clothes, like wearing a suit and a tie with camo pants and crocs or wearing sunglasses at night (I know what you are thinking about.. Idols are an exception to some rules related to sunglasses).

The colors are very nice. It wasn’t the situation for bright colors that hurt our eyes. Also measured colors and measured clothes that don’t grab too much attention can let us to focus on the performance, as far as it is a dance version.

It is the same case of the medley. There is just the minimum amount of needed items. We can focus on Taemin’s silhouette while dancing. I even like the detail of the rings on Taemin’s cap. Admit it, you love that cap and every day you wish that he loses it at the airport and you find it. ADMIT IT!!

I am getting off-topic. The whole video is a very delicate game of harmony and contrasts. (Today’s post was sponsored by the word: Harmony. Hahahaha I will to stop using that word….)

Now, the choreography…. I love everything in the choreography. I mean, we already know that Taemin is on the top of the top dancers in the history of humankind, but I he still amazes us every single time. Don’t you love that movement with his hands while saying “Drip Drop”?

I really like the idea of using western dancers. There is a whole play of contrasts: White skin = dark clothes. Dark skin = clear clothes.

So, we have Taemin as a representative of the Asian race and a group and western dancers with very opposite skin color, body composition, and dancing style. I think everybody deeply admires black people for their dancing and singing abilities, while we admire Taemin and Asians for their dancing and singing abilities, but both are in a very opposite style and mixing them together makes a whole visual effect that forces you to watch the video again and again.

It is the same case with the way they played using different voices in the background of the song.

About “Press Your Number”. It is a great music video with lots of things to see and analyze.

You can watch it 100 times and you will still find new things. The song is really powerful, Taemin’s voice is powerful too and everything together with the video is kind of shocking. It is necessary to watch it several times to fully appreciate it.

I would like to talk about all the symbolisms involved, but I like to let people to draw their own conclusions. So I won’t cut off people’s imagination.

Here is the translation:

Now, the performance version:

I think the most accurate comment was: “The water is now holy because Taemin blessed it”. Seriously, there are several jokes about a very bad drought and after Taemin touched the water there were rainy days and the drought is over! It’s a miracle!!!

See? I am not joking when I say that Taemin’s soul is special. OK, out of any joke… I say all the time “Taemin’s soul is so special that I feel that I can almost touch it, like an indigo child”. And people look at me weirdly because I am talking about a handsome dancer, but instead of focusing on his face, his dance or his body…. I see Taemin as a walking soul. I can’t explain exactly what it is… but there is something on his eyes and his soul that just makes him special. I just feel that I want to hug that soul….

But I am getting off-topic.

This video is also a dance version without being the typical “box Music Video” with some neon lights moving on the background. I am so thankful that Kpop singers are not using “box MVs” anymore. It was fine the first few times, but not on every single video. It already got old.

I am amazed about the high quality of every video. All the videos were made with a high investment, looking for a good work team and working hard to get such high quality. I think we, as clients, should appreciate that effort and that quality level.

And about the rest of the songs, I liked all of them. I am at one moment singing “One by One” and then a few minutes later I am singing “Already” with the same emotion as the main songs. I like the style of every song and how they fit with each other perfectly.

Another great part of an album release is the interaction with fans and their own opinions…. They make me laugh a lot.

Somebody said: “The song ‘Guess Who’ gets me on stripper mode” Hahahahahahahaha…. Just that song?

There is something that I want to say with all the respect and admiration I feel for Taemin…. But… Why is Taemin SO erotic? And I am not saying this just because there is a song called “Sexuality”, I am talking about the whole album…. I am talking about everything before the existence of this album… I am talking about the whole Taemin. How is it possible to encapsulate that huge amount of sensuality in a single human being? I mean, if a person already has those lips, you just can’t add more sexy attributes!!!! *sighs*

Taemin is a very erotic person, he is in touch with his erotic side and he let it flow on everything he does. I really like that about him. He doesn’t restrain himself.

Every person has their own way to express sensuality, and I really like the way Taemin lets his erotic side to flow freely on his projects.

For singers, showing their erotic side on the stages is a double-edged sword that may be a great hit or lower the quality of the whole project, but Taemin really knows how to handle it. It is so hard to keep such delicate balance between letting the passion to flow so others may feel it too and doing a cheap show that will just sale because it feeds people’s morbidness.

Let’s be honest. Taemin is super sexy, everything he does is super sexy and you just can’t look at his performances and act like there is nothing going on… don’t try to ignore that fact… (unless you are a real cube of ice….)

I want to be very careful when talking about this because I am aware that is so easy to cross the line between admiring a sexy show and seeing artists as sex toys. I am aware of that and we are not supposed to forget that there are human beings with feelings that may also get hurt. That’s why I want to be careful while talking about Taemin’s sexy side. Sometimes, we, as audience or fans may play and joke about their sexy side, and sometimes we cross the line, and we may say that its part of the job, but we have to keep on focus to not hurt them.

The same way, we would like to see performances every single day, and anyway it wouldn’t be enough… but at the same time we think “Oh, he has been working every single day, he needs a rest, he needs to take care of himself”. We have to live under that eternal struggle. Anyway, I am not an expert on promotions and schedules, but looks like Taemin’s has been well organized. Of course I tend to be worried about him, about traveling while the roads have snow, and I keep asking myself if he has been eating and sleeping well and if he had the opportunity to rest well without feeling too stressed. But I want to think that everything is fine and he is happy. I just want to see him being happy.

Also I am so happy to have all these V App, because I can feel him so close. I can see if he is fine, happy and enjoying his job. Also he is free to say whatever he wants in a more informal way. It makes me very, very happy. It doesn’t matter if I don’t understand a word or I have to wait for the translations, I am just happy to see him. Just seeing him saying “I am doing this and that”, or “I am alone here and bored and I wish you could be there to play, to watch videos and also there is a Karaoke”

Hahahahahaha… Papacito… If I was close to those lips…. The Karaoke would be the less important thing in the world….


I mean… what was I talking about? Oh yeah… the review…

Let’s talk about “Mystery Lover”. Here you can find the English subs:

And I just want to say…. Why is Taemin so sexy?!?!?!?! Why does he have those kissable lips?!?!?!

I like when Kpop singers let their erotic side to go out. Let me explain the struggle I feel about music. It is so hard to find a middle point where music is made from a sexy concept, but still in an elegant and romantic way. One of the reasons why I prefer Kpop to the western music is because western music falls into vulgarity so easily. There are not all the rules and bans like they have in Korea, so singers just keep going on and on and use sex to sell more, and didn’t realize how low they fell.

At the same time, Asian music is highly banned and I feel that idols don’t feel free to show their real sexy side. I feel that they are forced to show it when they don’t want to while they are forced to hide it when they want to show it. I specially feel that struggle while looking at female groups. Sometimes female singers look so lame, so dull, so puerile that they look ridiculous and annoy me. And then, suddenly, they want to look sexy but I still don’t feel the real passion coming out. It’s like all these bans and rules, added to the machismo that make people to judge harder on women… I feel that all of these issues are repressing girls about expressing their real passion and sensual side. I mean a distorted or forced sexiness is not sexy.

I am talking about the difference between erotic and sexy. It is not the same thing to be sensual than to be sexy.  I don’t know about the specific terms in English, because in Spanish there is a huge difference. “Sexy” may fall into vulgarity, while “sensual” will be more artistic. So, when I see singers like Taemin, that know how to make something super sexy but still elegant, I hope that other singers learn from him and the Kpop industry becomes more open-minded.

Somehow all these rules are also good, because they don’t let singers to say an atrocity on their songs. Somehow I felt like Kpop is a “safe zone” about lyrics. When I found Kpop, before thinking about liking a song or not, I used to look for the lyrics, to prevent myself from liking a song that may say horrible things. Now I don’t worry about it. I want to know the lyrics just because I want to appreciate the whole song.

So, I was listening to the album’s songs. When I listened to “Soldier” for the very first time I had no idea what the lyrics were about. I was just paying attention to Taemin’s voice and the feeling he was putting into the song….

Wow… Wow.. Wow!!! It feels like if a brick hits your face. I had no idea about the lyrics, and the song is so powerful that I didn’t even pay attention to the English parts. I just closed my eyes and paid attention to his voice. I think I couldn’t process the whole song at first. I had to listen to the song several times. I think I still can’t express all the feelings that Taemin sends.

That’s why I love Taemin so much. Because of the way he feels the songs and has the ability to send those emotions to people listening to him. I think that to be a good singer, the most important ability is to make people feel the song… more than having a nice voice. I mean, a person can have the best voice in the world, but if he/she doesn’t feel the song and can’t make people to feel it too, he is not fulfilling his purpose as interpreter.

Art is about that, about sending a message in a different way. Is touching other people’s through he different senses. Singers are just a piece of a chain. There is a writer who feels something and need to express it through a song, the same feeling must still on the music, on the dance and on the interpreter. If one of these elements fails, everything fails.

In this case, Taemin always does a great job to express the feelings through the voice and the dance. Audience will feel it for sure. I just can’t stop watching his videos and listening to his songs because of that. He feels the song and makes you feel it too, and these feelings are so, so, so strong that makes you tremble and makes your skin crawl. (Is it just me or even his voice sounds more mature on that song?)

It is the beautiful fact of art. When you feel all these emotions, and feel so alive… You see a great interpreter and feel the happiness, feel the love, feel the shivers… At that moment, nothing else in the world matters, there is just the feeling that the interpreter sends and his passion becomes your passion making you to tremble from the bottom of your heart. Taemin is just a genius doing that.

A good example of that is “Already”. (Fanmade video)

It is a great song, and the lyrics are just so beautiful. I know I always say, “Don’t listen to that kind of song that is just like adding salt to the wound” but this one is just too beautiful to ignore it. I mean, pain is also part of being alive, so we shouldn’t be afraid of it. Just let yourself enjoy the song… *sighs* Why are the lyrics so beautiful? And I am aware that lyrics lose lots of their beauty after the translation, but still they are so beautiful that I was already singing it since the very first time I heard it.

Also I highly recommend “Hypnosis”. Please, read the beautiful lyrics of Hypnosis:

It is the kind of song that you start listening to and 10 seconds later you are crying on the floor, trying to slash your wrists with the cookie you are eating.

And then you keep going on with “Until Today”

Hahaha. Well, maybe not like that, but there are lots of feelings on the songs. The order of the songs in the album, the styles, the musical arrangements and Taemin’s great job just made a perfect album. I feel so proud of him and his fast growing as artist. Taemin is not just an idol. He is a real artist with a beautiful soul.





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