Famous people always face stalkers who do the craziest things you can ever imagine. We have seen that situation several times on this side of the world too but this way of behavior flourished in the Asian pop. There is a special kind of fan who goes even further than a “fanatic”. These girls are called “sasaeng”. The follow their idols waiting for the opportunity to contact them, because once the idol sees the sasaeng, he will fall in love with her take her to his hotel room… at least is what they expect.

Sasaengs have different tools. Did you know that Korea has a special service known as “sasaeng taxi” Sasaengs hire those taxis, with very good drivers who will follow the idol’s vans no matter what. They should be able to go up to 200Km/h with a cost that goes from $300 to $600 dollars for a day of stalking. Those drivers say that this can become addictive, they make lots of money and it is very exciting, like living in a videogame. It is known that sasaengs have to lie a lot about their personal lives, to get the time and money to stalk. Can you imagine how much a girl around 16 years old should do to get the 900 dollar she spends every month on sasaeng taxis?

The calculated amount of sasaeng fans may vary from singer to singer, but just as an average, the most famous groups can have from 500 to 1000 sasaengs.  On a concert day, when the group travels from the airport to the venue, they can have 100 sasaeng fans following their van at the same time.

Groups of sasaengs can even hire vans that charge $100 per hour to follow idols and split expenses. Fans have caused lots of car crashes by following their idols at high speed.

Once a sasaeng put a GPS on Junsu’s car to follow every step.

Sasaengs can keep/save/recollect their menstruation (I don’t know how) and use it to write love letters that they send to their favorite Kpop idols and then they decorate those letter with pubic hair. It looks like this is more common that we would think. Those letters are quite common at JYJ’s mailbox…………………………..

And I know it is really disturbing, and I know that it is a very delicate dangerous situation that everybody must handle carefully and I know that it is a very serious topic… I know Junsu is tired of that, I know he is desperate, I know that it is not funny for him and he gets mad about it… but why can’t I stop laughing every time I imagine Junsu’s face while realizing what was the “gift” he just got. (Sorry ShuShu I just can’t).

Fans usually get into their idol’s apartments, to take pictures, to steal things, to try to (rape) kiss them while sleeping…

A few days ago I saw a sasaeng who managed to get close to JaeJoong in an army’s event. You may think that a fan would like to hug his idol, or kiss him, or get his jacket… but actually that fan was pinching his skin, his arms. It looks like she expected JaeJoong to say “OMG you are so beautiful, marry me!”, but when he didn’t do it, she got mad and became aggressive. This is a very common pattern of behavior. Their view of reality is distorted, so they expect and see things different. When they don’t receive the specific response they imagined, they become aggressive and destructive, at different levels. An angry sasaeng, now turned into a “hater” may follow the idols even more than a sasaeng in love.

This is the reason why people go from idolatry to hate. With the same intensity they “love” their idol, they will hate him. That’s how fans end up killing their idols. Yunho from TVXQ was once poisoned by an anti-fan. If “loving” (Sorry for using that word but I couldn’t find a better one) an idol so crazily sounds unbelievable, how sick would it be to hate somebody so much to try to kill him? Especially if we think about a person who only works on entertainment, we are not talking about a dictator who killed thousands of people… We are talking about Yuhno, the peaceful, sweet, and mature Yuhno. What can Yunho do to inspire so much hate? How is it possible on earth to hate Yunho? I mean… YUNHO!!! Y-U-N-H-O ! ! !

Sasaengs hire spies, drivers and thieves. Once a sasaeng offered $100,000 USD to the first person to steal her idol’s underwear. They put cameras on Yoochun’s parking to see if he gets out of his house.

Sasaengs don’t like foreign fans. If a foreign fan wants to travel to Korea (to stalk them too) and local sasaengs notice that, they will do anything to stop international fans. International fans are stopping to travel to Korea little by little because of the dangerous situation. There are levels, some light actions can be to tell the international fan wrong information, so she misses any event, she gets lost or she doesn’t meet the requirements to join any activity. The next level is when a group of local fans get around the international fan and tell her to get out or they will hurt her. If the girl doesn’t leave, the local fans, all together, will slap her, punch her, make her fall and kick her, and even get her naked. Some fans have stolen the foreign girls’ money so they could do nothing else in the country and are forced to go back.

Sasaengs get really angry and start catfights when international fans or a different group of fans gets the idol’s attention, stealing that attention from them.

Throwing condoms and sex toys to Super Junior sounds creepy if you think about a crazy fan, but now that you have the idea, you want to do something like that, don’t lie! Well, here, throwing bras and underwear to singers is so common that they don’t even pay attention anymore.

FTIsland… a fan got into their dorms, took personal items and pooped everywhere.

And we may say: “Oh that’s the price of fame. These fans are the ones that may singers rich. They are famous because of them. Idols need these girls at that level of craziness. Being famous and rich has its cost, and having sasaengs is one of them”.

But what happens when you are neither rich nor famous and you still have stalkers? What karma is that?

So now I bring some stories of stalkers on average people:

1.- The creepy perv…

A creepy perv used to visit someone’s house (mine) with his best friend… hm… let’s say “Mr. E” (I am trying to keep his identity anonymous). They were preaching about God with their books on their arms. That guy beside Mr.E seems so nice and perfect… you know that psychopaths are very good at hiding it. He used to visit the bathroom every day. It was weird, but we didn’t complain because I was alone in the living room with Mr. E, so we could talk and get closer to each other. On those long periods, we fell in love with each other.

Once, as usually he went to the bathroom. The next they came to visit again (to keep preaching). Then the guy said: “May I go to the bathroom again? I broke the faucet and I must fix it”.

We were confused because we didn’t notice anything broken. So the guy took his backpack and got into the bathroom for a looooooooong time. Then he came back and put his backpack between the sofa and the wall and told Mr.E to leave soon.

Mr. E looked so confused but said nothing.

So much time after that, I realized that this guy wanted to go into the bathroom and walked around the house to o steal panties. (Maybe mine, maybe someone’s else.. who knows?). I mean… how sick is that? Oh and I forgot to say that I was a young, sweet teenager… a 13 years old.

So basically I had the same experience as EXO’s D.O. but without the fame, money, voice and everything he has…. Ok I felt famous.

2.- You will find stalkers when you never imagine.

A few days after New Year, a guy sent me a message saying: “You have very pretty legs, but you never show them. You are always wearing pants and never wear skirts. Why?”

I was so confused… I wear pants because they are much more comfortable… and I am sure that I only use skirts on very special, specific situations, therefore I was completely sure that he never saw me wearing skirts. How did he know about my legs?

“You were on your balcony… on January 1st.  I went to visit my father, who lives very close and I was in front of your house. Actually I am very often in front of your house. I see things that you do, but you never notice me.”

Why was this situation so shocking?

It was January 1st. It was very early, like 7 am. (I am that weird; usually on these days I wake up early and work for hours. I like it because there are no more people and I am completely alone). I was at home, alone, wearing pajamas… knowing that I was completely alone, and I mean… just a long, big shirt…. I needed a broom that was on my balcony. So I just opened the door a little bit, put a feet outside in the balcony, grabbed the broom and got into my house. In front of my house is a building that gets completely empty on holydays. It was early in the morning, on January 1st…. There wasn’t a single car on the avenue… how could I imagine that there was somebody? How could he see what I did on these 2 seconds? Maybe he also put cameras in front of my house…

3.- The side effect of the stalker.

Once there was a guy, who liked me. He was interested in me, but we actually didn’t know each other. I mean, we knew about each other, but never formally met. Nobody introduced me to him or vice versa. He told his mom to tell my mom to arrange a meeting or something. She agreed and one Monday she told my mom “Your daughter doesn’t know how to drive, right? My son may teach your daughter how to drive this weekend”.

The very next day I was arriving home from school. I am the kind of girl who after school goes immediately to home. I don’t stay chatting with friends or something. So I finished school at 3pm and at 3:10 I was already at home.

I was entering my home when the phone ringed and when I answered it was the guy’s mother saying: “Did you already arrive home? I hope you didn’t stay chatting with friends. A good lady must go home immediately. How much time does it take you to go from school to home? I see that you need a maximum of 10 minutes…”

And the next day it was the very same. And the next one. Once I was a little late, by 2 minutes? And when I answered the phone she was angry and making lots of questions. A couple of days later she went to my home and say “I am thinking that you must change school to my son’s school. So you are together all the time. And you may move to the same place where we live. You can live on the apartment next to ours… or even in our basement. Let’s talk with your landlord right now and tell him that you are moving out”.

I ran away. I moved to another city and changed my phone number…. You can’t imagine how handsome and nice the guy was… I still don’t know how to drive.

4.- This is not my experience but I am traumatized.

There was a man interested in a woman. They weren’t actually dating, because he was a rich man and he was so arrogant and presumptuous. So the woman kept on her normal life. But somehow she started to notice things… cars following her… the same people around her every time she was on the supermarket… people in front of her pointing their cellphones at her because they were “taking pictures to the landscape”(a.k.a. we were on the ugly area of the city).

She thought she was getting paranoiac or something… until one day the man got angry to her and said “You have no idea how much I take care of you… you have no idea how much I spend every month on bodyguards to take care of you and protect you!”.

And she said: “protect of what?”

And he said: “Of everything! Kidnapping, robbers…”

And she said: “Kidnapping while I buy shampoo at the supermarket?”

And he said: “Well, thanks to that I realized how many men are around you. I wish I could take you to a castle in the middle of nothing where there is no internet…”














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