Isla Mujeres

Henry is about to travel to Mexico, more specifically to the south-eastern cities of Cancun and Merida in the Yucatan Peninsula and he was asking things about what he would need, because he doesn’t know what to expect….

And I realized that people outside of the country may not know about the beautiful places they can find in Mexico.

Merida is a beautiful city to live. It is one of the places where people from all Mexico want to move to live there and work.

Cancun is a city on the beach with a beautiful blue sea and white sand. The sand there is so white that looks like sugar. Usually when people travel there, they get a little bottle of sand as a souvenir to show other people that sand is actually as white as it looks on the pictures.


Cancun is the place where foreigners live when they move to Mexico. There are lots of people especially from USA that move there after their retirement. Despite it is a touristic area, it is much cheaper than living in their countries….

“Swimming with fishes $50 pesos” (Around 3 US dollars).


So it is very easy to find people who speak English or signs in English / Spanglish.


Cancun is a beautiful place with beautiful beaches, but it is not the best place to visit in that area… It is too mainstream…

In my very own opinion, the most beautiful place is Isla Mujeres (Island of women). I don’t know if Henry would travel there, because it is not very known but it is a real paradise… Especially for men haha.

I think I have to start explaining the island.

First warning: Be ready for a super high temperature. Get a gallon of sunscreen and a hat… It is better than wearing clothes to protect yourself from the sun. Don’t wear too much clothes or people would look at you weirdly.

The weather is really hot. Right now, in the middle of winter, in my city the temperature is 8ºC… Today’s weather in the Island goes from 26ºC to 18ºC. This is the coldest weather you can find in the island. Usually it goes higher than 30ºC or even around 43ºC.

isla-mujeres (1)

Isla Mujeres is an island divided into 3 areas.

Northern area/Downtown: There are a few small hotels and the “touristic area”. Same as Cancun, it has beautiful beaches and you can enjoy different activities like snorkel or diving with dolphins and giant turtles. Also there is an “underwater museum”. There are statues under the water that are expected to recover-increase the coral reef. This is where the few tourists go.


Quintana Roo, Isla Mujeres, Garrafon National Park, Dolphin Discovery - Photo by Fideicomiso Isla Mujeres

Then there is a small airport that divides the downtown with the center of the island. This area is separated from the touristic area that foreigners don’t visit that much. There are houses with a “Caribbean style”, very similar to Cuba and the other islands.



This area is where foreigners move to live, not just to visit. If visitors see foreigners, they think that they are also tourists, but it is not true. There is a special kind of foreigners who want to move to an isolated place (literally), where nobody can find them, to live anonymously in an unknown paradise.


Of course they have to adapt to that old-fashioned lifestyle. It is a very peaceful and relaxed lifestyle, like living in a place where time does not seem to pass.


Also there are hidden nudist beaches and special hotels with signs like:

Hotel “The heaven” Bedroom since $150. Now with “potro del amor” (pony of love? Please don’t ask).


People always relate this place to sex because there is something called the “Mayasutra”. It is like the KamaSutra, but made by Mayans to make love in a hammock.

People there sleep in hammocks because weather is so hot that it is impossible to sleep in a bed… so people sleep in hammocks.


To divide this area from the southern area there is a natural protected area and research centers with scientists who don’t care about the naked foreigners on the beaches. They have turtles that were almost extinct. Due to this turtle hatchery, people come to the touristic area to have their wedding. After the couple gets married the guests receive a baby turtle and put it on the shore and see the turtle running to the water. This became a trend in the whole country, now you can do it in other beaches too… and it is very good because it helps a lot to save the turtles and help people to understand more about saving animals.

After the protected area, there is the south area of the island. This is the most unknown area and in my opinion, it is the most beautiful, because modern life couldn’t reach that area.


In this area live the women who gave the name to the island.

I want to talk about this, to warn people… In case they travel to that area as an “exotic travel” and they may feel surprised… Because there are still aboriginal people, and of course they wear (?) their own clothes… I mean…

When you arrive to that area you are received by a statue with the traditional costume… I want to say that women are dressed like this.. and they will meet you and greet you like this.



It is because the place is really hot, so it is impossible to wear clothes… the same way it is impossible to sleep in a bed. People just can’t be comfortable with it. And if you wear too much clothes, people would look at you weirdly.

Also the weather is the reason of the MayaSutra. You know that the human body is all about chemical reactions… Every woman have their own hormones, but this hormones need sun to work correctly.

That’s why women from cold places, close to the North and South Pole, get into depression in winter, because the lack of sun blocks the effect of the hormones and make them feel depression. Actually if a person has a light depression, a daily exposure to sun may help to heal it without the need of medicine… but you know… sun is free.. medicine is a whole market…

Then… more exposure to the sun, the more hormones the body produces and absorbs. That’s why, when people want to look sexy, they get their skin tanned.

More exposure to the sun = more hormones = higher libido.

Then these women don’t even wear clothes, and they are always under the sun… and that’s how the MayaSutra was born… (If you want to know about it, make your own research… I can’t post these images here).

Anyway… I am getting off-topic.

Just a few tourists get that far on the island, most of them stay in the downtown, but still they have to adapt to the environment, so they will still wear light clothes:


It seems like time does not pass in the island. Due to the weather houses are also very special. They live in small huts, sometimes built over the water, with a little furniture, without walls and hammocks instead of beds. They need to live in open areas because a closed area would get too hot, while an open area let the breeze to flow inside of the house. Also they cook outside of the house.


Even elegant hotels are still like that:


There is electricity, water and everything else people may need, they just don’t have walls.


Also they have delicious food. I would almost say that the Mayan food is the best of all the Mexican food. It is so rich on flavors, with mixed unique spices and lots of fruits.



Again, it is a paradise that I wanted to share with you ^_^





Ohhh I almost forgot… I am not from that area of the country.

Isla Mujeres is on the eastern peninsula…

I come from the center-east shore… Far, far away.


And here… the traditional dress is this one:

We do not run around the city naked….





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