New Year’s Resolutions

This year 2016 starts in a completely new situation, something different and new for me. So I think it means that I should make some changes in my behavior. My first New Year Resolution is that I must be more respectful.

But first I want to explain something.

One of the main characteristics of the Asian culture is that they are very respectful. They have to be respectful to older people, to people on a “higher level” in different areas, to bosses, basically to everybody, in addition, to the use of formal speaking.

While the Mexican culture is exactly the opposite. In Mexico we say, “Nobody deserves my respect until proven the opposite”. Therefore saying “I respect that person” is very important, it means that the person did something really admirable.

Being disrespectful is a way to show that you are close to somebody. Part of the Mexican culture is to make fun of the own misfortune. It helps to relax while facing troubles. Another important fact of the Mexican culture is to tell people the truth, even if it is painful. So you can say the harsh reality and then make some jokes and soften everything… but the same way, you have to be able to handle the person’s answer.

We make fun of everything… Heroes in history, important people in the country, it can be politicians or artists… or the statues!! It is very common to see statues of heroes wearing funny underwear, or people who draws things on their faces like a pirate eye patch, or a missing tooth… things like that.

In the celebration for dead ancestors, people around the world make very serious rituals to thank them. In Mexico we make satires (lampoons?). We make fun of dead people and make parties.  Also, we write letters to people saying how we wish their dead… (Especially for politicians).

A long time ago, when foreign singers came to Mexico, girls used to throw underwear to them (don’t ask me why), but then the tradition changed to throw them giant brassieres and “grand-ma” style panties…  just to see their reactions. While most fans around the world look for something sweet, romantic or touching for them to remember. Not in Mexico… Here singers say “What’s that? Is a parachute? Oh.. panties…”.

Yes… I come from that country…

So I was thinking that I have to be more respectful towards other people. It is something good to learn from the Asian culture. So this is my New Year’s Resolution. I will change the next things:

I promise to be more respectful to Kpop idols. It means that I will say their correct names and I won’t call certain Kpop groups with names like “sEXO” or “F.A.P.”

I especially won’t call anymore KRY as the “Powerpuff Girls” or in Spanish “Las chicas superponedoras”.



Shinee will still be “los brillositos” which actually means “shiny” in Spanish… so there is no problem with that.. right?


Also I won’t make fun of Onew and his love for chicken, because I already got an explanation for that. People who have eaten fried chicken in Korea and other countries told me that the Korean chicken is much more tasty than anything else. There is nothing better than Korean fried chicken… and people make fun of Onew because they are jealous that Onew can eat all that tasty chicken while others can’t.


I promise not to create, follow or encourage fanwars just for fun. Especially by making fun of other’s bias or acting like i don’t even know who they are.


Once I saw Zhou Mi as “Leeteuk + Siwon’s son” I can’t stop laughing at “Son of Masi = Pony” and all the words related to it in English: Pony, colt, foal…

Or in Spanish: Potro, potrillo, ponyllo (?)


I promise I won’t laugh anymore to Miss Universe and all the memes that say things like

“Girls that love Siwon:

Liu Wen >> Super Model

Pia Alonzo >>Miss Universe




I really learned a very good lesson with that situation. Once I saw a letter to Yongguk of a girl saying: “I am in High school right now, but I will work very hard to become a Super model. If I become famous enough I will be able to meet you some day. Wait for me. Just remember this letter because some day I will be in front of you and I will say… My love… I am here”.

And I laughed a lot, I am sorry, but I laughed so hard and I said “Awww poor girl…” and a few days later there was Miss Universe saying to the world how much she likes Siwon!!

Therefore I promise not to laugh to other people’s dreams anymore…

I will never again say a word about “Friends ins Swiss” where Ryeowook taught Leeteuk how to milk a cow and Leeteuk saying “Where did you learn to do it so well?”. And I expect people never say a word about that situation again…


I promise nobody will ever see a picture of “somebody” that I have…

He is in the zoo… with an anaconda around his neck and he yelling “Ohhh wow!! It is so big!”.

I promise not to laugh anymore to the huge amount of memes from this picture that start saying “Appa, How did I born?”



I am guilty for all of these situations.

Now I want to explain about the situations that I consider myself as innocent, because I didn’t mean to laugh at it.


I have a playlist for each mood… like Shinee+Infinite… or BTS+BAP… You know that. For some reason my songs got mixed up and I sent BTS’s “Danger” to Shinee’s playlist.

I didn’t notice the mistake for more time than I want to admit. Every time I saw “Danger” on the playlist I thought it was Taemin’s….

For a long time I thought that it was Ryeowook who starts talking in Hero. Then I realized that it was Sungmin…. Or was it the opposite? The confusion was because the voice sounds so sweet, therefore I thought about Ryeowook… if it is not Ryeowook.. Who else can have such a sweet voice? Sungmin!!! Obviously!!

This one was one of my first favorite songs… and I wanted to learn it and sing it but i failed tragically…


I have a very serious issue about Big Bang. I have some friends that are huge fans of Big Bang, and one day we were watching videos together and they started to talk about how Big Bang songs have several words that sound in Spanish. And once you think about that, you can’t stop listening to it.

There are not just words.. there are actually sentences that make sense!!! Like when you hear Haru Haru, right after the fight he says “Murió, yo gané” (He died, I won).

Like this song… In the minute 1:15… Does it sound like “Ven y ámame” (Come and love me)?

And the worst one: There is a part of G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” that sounds like a bad word for me… Somebody told me that and since that time every time I hear the minute 1:25 exactly after G-Dragon says : “You say that I’ve changed. Would you please shut yout mouth”I can hear in Spanish “Ve y chinga tu madre” (Then go fuck your mom). It makes sense!!!

Now, every time I play the song, I can hear that and it makes me laugh!!!

I will never get over this. It’s like Taemin saying: ”Soy un Dorito” in Sherlock.

These friends tell me things to confuse me all the time, because they have been into Kpop and Jpop for years. When I was new to Kpop they told me that this song was by D&E.. soon I realized that it wasn’t Donghae and Eunhyuk, but then I spent a long time searching for the real singers.




Well… after thinking about all of this I just realized that at the end I will always be Mexican and I can’t deny what I am and my own culture… I can’t stop laughing at all those things… So I better promise something different…

Happy New Year and

I wish you so much money

Annyeong ^_^









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