This is something that makes me really happy. B.A.P. IS BACK!! Let me explain the reason why B.A.P. is so important to me. The very first Kpop video I saw in my life was BAP’s “Power” and I loved it so much that I wanted to see more videos and that’s how everything started until this point. So I just want to say: Thank you BAP. Thank you so much.

The first few videos I saw were the strong songs like “No Mercy”, “One Shot” and “Warrior”. I don’t like bad boys, but I loved their music, their style and the concept.

I know I am always making fun of their videos, but seriously, I really like their concept. There are 3 basic facts that a BAP’s video MUST have:

1.- Somebody dies.

2.- A barrel of fake blood.

3.- Anything related to mafias, black market, gangs and illegal things.

There is even a video where a girl tied up her boyfriend, put him in the car’s trunk, showered him with gas and started a fire….

I swear I was watching “Never give up” and waiting for a gang to come into the school and shoot them down. Then I realized that it’s just a song that sounds like church music.

The first time I saw “One Shot” I laughed at fans crying because his bias dies and I couldn’t understand it. Months later I saw a video of a tv show like CSI where Donghae is being tortured… I didn’t cry but… yeah, nobody wants to see something like that. Later fans just said that Wook was punched in the face and my heart stopped beating…. Then imagine looking at your bias being tortured, being shot down, splashing blood and then drying in front of you…

So in my mind there was the image of bad boys. For me they were really tough boys… until I saw this video:

(And I will try not to get off-topic talking about Zelo’s hairstyle. I think Himchan was mean enough “Zelo’s hairstyle is a failure” Hahahaha ).

In the videos they say again and again “Do I look manly? Do I look tough? I want to look like a cool bad boy” Isn’t it cute? Then I realized that they were not only tough guys. Actually they are very sweet.

At first it was difficult to understand how they can go from strong songs like “Fight for Freedom”, “Yes Sir”, or “What the Hell” to very sweet songs like “Coffee Shop”, “With You”, “Shady Lady”,  and I swear I would never think about liking a song with a name like “Dancing in the rain”, but I love it.

The first time I saw the lyrics of “Dancing in the Rain” I was reading it so seriously, the song says something like “The first time I saw you, in my heart was a hot heartbeat… your eyes that are looking at me are so hot, and your cherry lips, make me fall in love….“  and then it says in English: “Already, I am ready, and you are very tipsy baby… washawashawasha… saranghaeyo tonight… wohohoho  I am still around… we are making out, I’m still around…” and it made me laugh so much, I don’t know why it sounds so funny but I just laughed so much.

I like every single song, I have never heard a BAP’s song and said “Ewww I hate that song”. I like every single song.

If we talk about their personalities, there is the same situation. On the videos Yong Guk is the tough rapper with that heavy voice, but behind the cameras he is always smiling sweetly and keeping the environment in a good mood. You would never imagine it.

He is a deep-thinker. We can see that in the songs he writes. He wrote “Badman”. Yongguk was watching the news and noticed that everything is about bad things and instead of helping people, the news make people to feel afraid and unsecure. Then people decide to ignore everything and live in denial. He thought that there must be somebody who talks about all those topics. It doesn’t matter how it may affect him.

When they were making the music video for “BadMan” they needed a place with abandoned buildings, graffiti and sings of gang fights. They found the ideal place in Detroit. They prepared everything to start filming the next morning and went to sleep. The next day in the morning they found an abandoned body exactly where they were about to film the video. It was so scary for them.

They have been trough weird situations. Once there was a fanwar when One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” shows a poster with BAP’s debut promotional poster. They cut off Zelo (XD !!!), changed the colors and put OneDirection’s faces.


Now they are back with “Young, Wild and Free” (and yes, I am still thinking about Sexy, Free and Single).

I am happy, really, really, happy for their comeback. They look so different. I knew they would be more mature, not because of their age, because the situation may change their viewpoints… but I didn’t expect such great change.  Looks like Zelo and Jongup switched personalities. Jongup is talking more while Zelo looks so quiet. My opinion about Zelo was “He is so hyperactive that scares me”, and now he is so quiet. I hope he is just more mature and nothing to feel worried. Actually I couldn’t even recognize Zelo in the video, maybe it is because he is not using his “cotton candy” hairstyle. I don’t feel like I am watching Zelo… I can hear his voice but I just don’t see him.

Anyway, I am so happy for their come back. I just don’t understand the jokes about the lioness Remmy/Lemmy. The intro is so epic and I like the video.  They have the same musical style, it still sounds like B.A.P. I love the way the vocalists still play with their voices like they do in songs like “Warrior” and the way both rappers’ voice are so different that fit perfectly. BAP’s logo should be a Ying Yang symbol instead of the rabbit.

I can’t wait for the dance practice video ^_^




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