Just one of those days where everything goes wrong.

9:00 a.m.

Mom: Are you still wearing pajamas? Aren’t you going to work today?

Me: I have a free morning… I am waiting for Junsú’s new video… I moved all my appointments for the afternoon. Anyway, it’s raining, nobody will come with this weather.

Mom: Then if you have some free time, please make the dessert. I bought some special cheese for desserts. You can bake a pie or a cake… whatever you want. But if the cheese is too cold, the bread won’t bake well. I will leave the cheese on the table. Don’t leave it outside of the fridge for a long time, it may get rotten.

Me: Ok… I’ll do it in a minute. *lalalalala*

10:00 a.m.

Waiting for the video and the phone rings

Client: Hello. I want to see an apartment.

Me: Sure, when do you want to meet?

Client: Ehm… Right now? I just arrived to the city and I would like to lease your apartment immediately, instead of looking for a hotel. Actually I am at the station and I am taking a taxi to the apartment. I’ll be there in 30-40 minutes. Let’s meet right now.

Keren manages to take a shower, dress up and go to the apartment before the client arrives.

11:30 a.m.

Me: Arrgggghhh. They didn’t come. I wanted to spend my morning at home… this man changed my plans and he didn’t come!!! >.<


Client: I am sorry I will be a little late, wait for me please, just 5 more minutes… (whispers to somebody else) Yes, we will see this apartment and then we will go the other one… no.. well.. ok.. we will see the apartment you want first…

Me: Ok I will wait…

*phone rings again*

Client2: Hello. I am 2 blocks away from the apartment, can I see it now?

Me: Yeah, sure (Anyway, I am already at the apartment).

15 minutes later


Client2: Hi. I am at the apartment but I am knocking at the door and nobody comes out.

Me: What? But I am beside the door….

Me: I am looking at the door and nobody is there…

Client2: I am knocking the door.

Me: I am in the balcony and I don’t see you. Where are you?

Client2: Balcony? I don’t see a balcony… I am at the address XXXXXXXXX

Me: That’s not my address. You are 2 blocks away. Just keep walking. I’ll be waiting at the door.

Client2: Hi. I can’t find the house. I am beside a bakery shop.

Me: Now you are 4 blocks away…

Client2: Hi I already walked 6 blocks and I still can’t find the apartment.

Me: Now you are 2 blocks away… on the other side… I am in the middle of the street looking for you…. Do you see the store called XXXXXXX??

Client2: Oh I see the store.

Me: Ok, just walk to the store and I will go get you.


I was leaving the apartment. I was closing the door, while a random guy came to me. He looked very nervous.  While we were talking beside the door, the neighbor’s worker was taking out the garbage.

Guy: Ehm.. Hi… Are you……??? Ehm.. A friend told me about you… Maybe he told you about me…

Worker: O.o

Me: Oh yeah!! I remember.

Guy: Is this your apartment? I like that place… it’s very… private…

Worker: O.o?

Me: Let’s go to the apartment ^_^

Guy: *shakes hands awkwardly* should I tell you my name? Ehm.. Maybe not… so… I am not sure about this… I don’t know how to do this… It’s my first time…

Worker: O.O

Guy: If everything goes well… Can I come back with my girlfriend?

Me: Sure, I’ll show everything to her too.

Guy: I just wanted to come alone first. It’s my first time doing this… and I don’t want to look as an idiot with her… I hope to be more relaxed by that time.

Worker whispering to another worker: Did you hear that? I know her uncle… Should we talk to him?

Guy: We will get married soon and… *Inside of the apartment* we need an apartment. But I don’t want to look as an idiot. She always says that I am useless for those things. I want to show her that I can make a good deal and I won’t ruin things. So I want a nice, pretty, cheap apartment. You are a girl. Tell me what would like to her?

Me: I will show you the apartment with a bigger closet…

1:00 p.m.

Mom: I am cooking for you. I just need a few ingredients. Please go buy a couple of things.


Client: I will be there in half an hour.

Keren runs to the store and tries to get back before the client arrives.

*Client never arrives*

2:00 p.m.

Mom: Food is ready and your client hasn’t come yet. Do you want to eat now? Or do you want to wait for him?

Me: He is one hour late… let’s eat. I won’t feel worried about anything… I just want to eat and relax a little bit…

*phone rings every 5 minutes*

3:00 p.m.

*phone rings*

Me: Hello.

Phone: ….

Me: Hello… hi… Is somebody there?

Phone: …

5 minutes later it happened again, and again.

Me: Hello?

Phone: beep.. beep.. beep..

Me: Mom!!! Your secret stalker, the one who calls and says nothing is calling again… Please answer the phone, he won’t stop until he hears you voice…

4:00 p.m.

*Leaves to the appointments*

*Waits for people to arrive*

When I wait for people, sometimes I clean the place. I open the windows and get everything pretty. Sometimes I am just in the internet.

*waits* *waits* *waits*

Me: Isn’t anybody coming? Today is a very tight schedule. I have one appointment every 15 minutes… This peace is very weird… Everything is so silent… nobody called to confirm the appointment. Nobody is arriving. Nobody is lost walking around the house… I didn’t get a single message…

*checks phone*

*phone is dead*

*No internet*


*Tries to get internet back*

*Nothing works*

*More panic*

Me: OMG! OMG! OMG! People can’t contact me. What if I they are waiting outside? What if they are lost?

*Runs to balcony*

Me: Nobody is there… What if they didn’t come? Maybe they already left. *looking from the balcony* Wait… What’s that? A man is sitting at the door… He is trying to make a call and is looking at my window… It may be him… He is looking angrily at his phone… he is calling again… he is about to leave!! Waaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Runs to the door*

Me: Hi!!!! *sighs* Sorry I can’t breathe….

Man: O.o?

Neighbor’s worker: Hi mister… Sorry for the issue… The manager is waiting for you at his office.

Man: Who’s that girl?

5:00 p.m.

*Goes back into the apartment trying to fix the phone*

*Nothing works*


*Looks for another phone*

*Doesn’t work either*

Keren is trying to fix her phone, sitting at the door in case a client arrives.

Tenant: There is no internet…. Maybe is because of the storm… Even the tv signal is crashing… You should go home… the electricity may go out at any moment. The internet company may have troubles… You can’t fix it.

Me: You are right… I can’t do anything else…

*a couple approaches*

Boy: Hi. We had an appointment about an hour ago. I have been trying to call but nobody answers the phone. I went to the store beside the apartment and the owner told me to knock that door. I saw you leaving but you ran to talk to a man so I couldn’t talk to you, and you left. Then I knocked the door but nobody opened. I went back to the store and the owner let me to sit there and wait inside of the store until somebody answers the phone.

Me: (After saying sorry for 5 minutes)

Boy: I understand you like to talk to clients before making a deal, so you make sure that you will lease the apartment only to decent people… but I am a good boy. I just want a place to live with my girlfriend… Why you didn’t answer the phone? If we talk and then you don’t want to lease the apartment I could understand it… but you didn’t even try to meet me. You couldn’t even cancel the appointment… if you didn’t want to see me just say it. I was waiting there for an hour… or maybe more.

Me: I am so sorry, my phone died. *looks at his companion* I am so sorry for this bad first impression… I am really embarrassed.

Boy: You are lying. Why didn’t you answer the phone? Is like suddenly you don’t want to see me? Looks like you have more important things to do…

Me: My phone died. There is no internet… I was trying to fix my phone.

Boy: You don’t want to talk to me, right? Is something about me that you don’t like? Am I annoying? Why you don’t even want to talk to me? Why are you against me?

Me: What?

Boy: You just don’t want to talk to me.

Me: (I already said “I am sorry” a thousand times!!!! What else do you want?!?!) I have nothing against you… my phone died, I have no internet… I had 6 more appointments and I can’t contact those clients too. It’s nothing against you.

Boy: Ok… I will try to think that nothing of this happened. We will ignore what you did to me today… Let’s start again and focus on the important things *sighs*

Me: Ok…

Boy: I think we have a deal… I will come to sign the contract…

Me: Ok, when will we meet again?

Boy: It depends on you… I would like to see you tomorrow but I don’t know if you will answer the phone…

Me: ¬.¬

Boy: I can’t believe how much humiliation I am bearing… It’s just that I can’t live on my apartment one month more… The owner is a very mean lady and I just want to run away from that place… and her son is so mean too.. everybody mistreats me there… and I wanted to find a new apartment and then I came here and you didn’t answer the phone! And I was waiting there… until the neighbor came out very aggressively asking weird things… he thought that I was one of those guys who observe stores and gather the information needed to rob the store in the night… and he told me to go away.. and I explained everything.. but he didn’t believe me and then.. you didn’t answer the phone… and I tried to call you again and again… and now you are just like that…. You don’t care about me… and I didn’t do anything wrong for you to treat me like that… what have I done to you to receive such humiliation? Why are you like that to me? I waited for an hour outside just to talk to you…. While you were here playing on the phone… Do you think that I deserve this?

Me: (This is getting scary… is he still talking to me?)

Girlfriend: She already said her phone died… please don’t make a drama out of this. We have to leave soon. We have too many things to do… (And she was trying to defend me… but just a little bit)

Boy: *looks at the computer* What were you doing while I was outside waiting for you?

Me: *sighs* I didn’t do it on purpose… my phone died… look *shows phone* there was no internet…

Boy: You have internet…

Me: What? Oh… Internet is back..

Boy: Well it looks like you were having so much fun on the computer…

Me: But there was no internet… I wasn’t even on the computer… I was outside waiting for you (!!!!)

Boy: You don’t want to talk to me right? Then what will we do with this situation? *looks at his girlfriend* My love.. you are not saying a word…

Girlfriend: What do you want me to say?

Boy: You should tell me what you feel… if there is something wrong… if there is something that you don’t like… we need to communicate better… How can we fix our problems if you don’t talk to me?

Girlfriend: What problems are you talking about? We are happy…

Boy: NO! WE ARE NOT! You are not interested in me anymore! You are not looking at me.. now you don’t say a word… you are not communicating with me!!!

Girlfriend: I am listening to the girl… You made her a question and she is answering…

Boy: But you should tell me what you think. I feel so left out. Or is it that you don’t care? Communication is important, but this is not going to work if you don’t tell me what you think. How can I know if our relationship goes in a good way if you don’t communicate with me?

(5 more minutes of drama…. )

Boy: Please say something… I put so much effort to find this place so we can live together and I am so excited about it and you are just there.. saying nothing.. like you don’t care about me! I put so much effort doing this for you and you didn’t even tell me if you liked it!

Girlfriend: I like the place…

Boy: Really? Are you telling me the truth? Did you like it? Look into my eyes and tell me the truth… Are you happy to do this with me?

Girl: Yes… I love you…

*Boy pulls his girlfriend from her waist and gives her a very passionate kiss…*

Me: (Hi… I am still here…)

*Then he starts kissing her neck.. and keeps going on*

Me: (Do you realize how uncomfortable this situation is for the third person in the room?  Oh no.. don’t push her against the wall.. Please.. man… stop!!!) *coughs* coughs* coughs* coughs* coughs*

Eunhyuk Siwon Kyuhyun

Boy: Oh… hehehe… sorry… so.. the next time we meet.. will you answer the phone? Or should I camp outside again?

Me: (Ahhhhhhh if you say that again…. !!!!)

Girlfriend: She already said she is sorry… she couldn’t do anything…

Boy: Yeah, you say that because your phone is dead very often…. And I am the only one trying to make calls again and again while none of you two answer the phone..

Girlfriend: *sighs* I just want to go home… I am tired…

Boy: I can notice that… you are so tired of me… I am enjoying this… but looks like you can’t wait to be by yourself….

6:00 p.m.

Despite I checked that everything was clean and nice, there are a few facts that I can’t control. One of the daily issues is the neighbor’s dogs. They are big dogs, and he let them free on the street. They are very quiet and would never hurt anybody, but people don’t know that. They like to sleep at my door…. And they are dirtier than a street dog. They are on a wild state. They don’t obey. It looks like they don’t understand words. Dogs usually understand words very well, but those dogs just don’t pay attention to you.


Client: Hi. I have an appointment today, I am outside of your house, but I can’t come in. There are 3 huge dogs that may bite me.

Then, there is the embarrassing moment of taking the huge dogs from their necklaces and take them home. They are very heavy and don’t move. It’s easier to use a tow truck to move them than to wake up them. Those dogs are a huge problem. They bother the whole neighborhood and every neighbor has done something different to fix the issue… talking to the owner, suing him, punching him, poisoning the dogs, calling the police, punching him again, calling greenpeace… but nothing works… he always manages to gather more and bigger dogs.

(Don’t think that I would poison the dogs, I would never do that).

6:30 p.m.


Client: Hi. I am outside but I can’t come in because of the dogs…

Me: (Again? Ahhhhh!!! It may ruin my business!!!)

I open the door and find the 3 dogs, with some garbage bags destroyed all over the street… and them eating exactly on my door. I had to jump over the bags to get out of the house and take the dogs away!!! I cleaned everything 20 minutes ago to wait for the clients!!!!!!!!!!!


*phone is dead again*

I was on the balcony when a man approached.

Man: I have been waiting for half an hour… I am on a rush…

Me: I am sorry. I will go get you…

Note: As you may imagine, I have to carry with lots of keys… And it’s very easy to get lost in a bunch of keys… So I made my own system. I painted the keys by colors and each key has a number. I memorized what means each number and color… obviously it doesn’t say “Key of apartment number 1”. In case somebody finds the keys, they wouldn’t understand my system.

Those keys are my life… if I lose them I would get crazy. I have copies of each key on my house, but anyway it would be a great problem. To make sure I don’t lose the keys or I don’t forget them inside of an apartment I attach the key-ring to my purse or to my pants… you know… where the belt goes…

But I have so many keys, so when walk/run, they make a little noise… and somebody was making fun of me saying “You are like a cat with a bell. It’s easy to know where you are… I can hear you going down the stairs. You give me enough time to clean everything and hide all the illegal things I was doing LOL”.

So that day I didn’t put the key ring on my purse, I put them on the kitchen’s table and I forgot it.

So when the client knocked the door and said he was on a rush and I needed the keys… and I didn’t remember where I put them… I panicked again.

At any other moment it wouldn’t happen, but after days of craziness and the last events, the lack of sleep, the accumulated stress, a dead phone, etc… I was almost at a mental breakdown running from one side of the apartment to another yelling “Where are the keys?!?!?!?”.

Once I could find the key and the client came into the apartment… he just looked around for a few seconds and said:

Client: Oh, it’s furnished… and pretty small… I was looking for something bigger… like an unfurnished house with 3 bedrooms. Is this the apartment in the ad? I need something for my family…. I don’t want an apartment on a building… I want a house with a garden… And I need 2 parking slots.

Me: Yes. The ad “Furnished, small apartment. No children, no pets. $700. Environment: Students”

Client: Exactly! I wanted to see the one at $700

Me: (Do you want a full 3 bedroom house, with 2 parking slots, a garden, in this city… for $700 a month? It would cost you at least $3,000… If you can find any….)

7:30 p.m.

Once I finished with all the appointments, there is the daily routine: I have to close every window and every door. Due to the wind I have to check if people left garbage outside of their apartments, or things blocking the stairs, or something that may fly away like buckets or brooms.

8:00 p.m.

Keren finally arrives to her home

Me: *closing the door* *sighs*

Mom: Welcome back… Is everything OK?

Me: Everybody got mad at me T.T

Mom: Awww what happened? *hugs*

Me: My stupid phone died… and I tried to fix it but nothing worked… and then…. But I didn’t mind to.. and I said.. and he said… and the guy spent half an hour reproaching me.. and then T.T

Mom: Are you done with the appointments? Or are there more appointments left?

Me: I have no more appointments. 3 people told me that will call today or tomorrow to confirm if they will take an apartment. But nobody called me… Not even one call…

Mom: Maybe they will call tomorrow…

Me: I don’t know… I sent messages to all my clients but I have no answer *sighs*

Mom: *checks phone* Ehm.. The phone is dead…

Me: Again?!?!?! Awww… Should we look for another company?

*tenant knocking the door*

Tenant: Hi, there is no internet… Can you help me to fix it?


I just want to sleep… it feels so good to close my eyes… and relax…



Fuc**** the cheese is still on the table!!!! I didn’t make the pie!!!


Me: Where are the pie baking pans??? I can’t find them… hmmmm… there is a cake pan… instead of making 3 small pies.. I can make one tall pie. I am wasting too much time looking for the molds. It will just take a few more minutes to bake…

Mom: What are you doing?

Me: (embarrassed) The pie… I forgot to make it… T.T

Mom: At midnight? You don’t need to do it right now… You worked the whole day…

Me: Anyway… I am almost done…

Mom: But we ran out of gas. I will buy more, tomorrow morning.

Me: I already made it. I just need to bake it. What can I do now?

Mom: There is the stove on grandma’s apartment… it is electric and still works. It is clean, I cleaned it today. You just have to go to grandma’s apartment at night mwahahahaha.

Me: I don’t want to go T.T

Mom: Why? Are you afraid? Hahaha

Me: I am afraid of walking on the halls at midnight… last time I heard noises… sex noises… >.<

After going down the exterior stairs with a pie on my hand and trying to find the key and open the door in the darkness I was able to bake the pie.

Midnight at grandma’s apartment:

Me: Stupid pie… why are you still undercooked??? How much more time do you need???? I want to sleep!!! I am so tired…


*Going back home with the baked pie*

*Tries to open the door without making noise for the sleeping tenants*

*Could hear some cats fighting on the street*

*Opens the door while holding the hot pie in one hand*

*Dog runs out barking like a crazy, running on the stairs like a crazy, crashing with trash cans and everything else, making a huge noise and trying to jump over the walls”.

Me: (Whispering) Noo!!! Come back!!!

*dog running and barking on the terraced roof*

*dog running in circles over the apartment of the most picky tenant*

*tenant turns on the lights*

*Keren runs inside of her apartment*


3:00 a.m.

I can’t sleep !!!!!


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