Going to the street market with a teenager.  


Note: The story has been slightly changed.

K: What will you do? Can I go with you?

Me: I will go to the street market and buy some vegetables. You don’t want to do that, it is boring and tiring…

K: But I want to go!!! I like to spend time with you. You are funny.

Me: Are you sure? Won’t you feel embarrassed of buying things with me?

K: Nop. I wanna to go.

Me: You must help me to carry things.

K: It doesn’t matter. I wanna go.

Me: I will do some bargaining…

K: LoL. I wanna go.

Me: Ok…

mexian market

We were looking at a stand…

K: OMG!!!

Me: What happened?!?!

K: Look at those grapes!!! I want some grapes. Wow that’s a huge amount of grapes. Do they really sell all those grapes in one day?


Me: Yes, usually they do. But the market moves every day. If they don’t sell it today, they will sell it tomorrow in other area of the city.

K: Wow. Now I understand why everything is so cheap. If they sell a lot, they can sell cheaper. I want grapes.


Me: I want to buy avocados… let’s go to the next stand


Me: hey look at this… Have you even seen those little avocados?


K: No. What is the difference?

Me: Those are like baby avocados. Like the baby carrots and baby corn. Do you like baby carrots?

K: I have never eaten baby carrots. They don’t sell that where I live. But I have seen them on tv. But how do you peel off this avocado? *touches the avocado weirdly*


Me: You don’t peel it off. It is very soft. Today you will try one of the most delicious things… Avocado tacos. You just take a tortilla, and put a little bit of avocado and fresh goat cheese… and it is really delicious. It is what farmers eat while working on the fields. You will never find this on a restaurant. The secret is the cheese. Let’s go to buy some cheese.

Tacos de aguacate con queso fresco

Merchant: I have another kinds of avocados too. Look.


Me: OMG!!! Those avocados are very hard to find, because farmers usually don’t sell them. Usually aboriginal women have a tree on their back yard, and only their family eats them. Just in case they have too much, they sell it. But it is really hard to find. The name of this avocado is “Chinini”. Its an aboriginal name. *grabs one of the avocados and opens it* See? It is softer than the average avocado.. it is delicious…


K: Ewwwwwww!! It looks like a rotten avocado. Ewwww. Don’t buy it. I am not gonna eat that. Ewwwwwwwwww!!

Me: Hahaha.

K: Hey look! A man selling ice cream! I want some!! What is your favorite ice cream? Mine is _______ (Insert name of a very complex and special flavor). Do you think that he would have that flavor?


Me: LOL no. You are lucky if you get lemon or vanilla ice cream

K: What is on the back of the stands?

Me: Average business. It is a normal street the rest of the week.

K: OMG!!! Look at that store!! It is full of candies!!!


M: Because it is a candy store.. ???

K: I want to go there!!! Can we go there? Please.

M: OK… You have your own money to spend it however you want.


*After the candy store*

Me: Look, pork rind….


K: Hmm… Nothing new. And it is disgusting! Do you really eat that? Let’s look for something else…


K: OMG!!! Look at that!!! A stand selling fabrics!! OMG look at that lace. It is so beautiful. And they have it on different colors. I want the red one and maybe the yellow one too. I will take some of this clothing too. *runs all over the place excited* wait.. O-M-G!!! Are those princess dresses?


Me: LOL, no those dresses are for a religious celebration.

K: But they are so beautiful, and different. I want to buy one of them.

Merchant: We can do whatever you want. If you want the dress for today, we can make it right now. Choose your favorite fabric and the style and we will make it.

K: Seriously? Is it real? OMG!!! I want that dress with this red fabric and the red lace.

Me: Ok… I need to buy some more things. Can you wait for me here? I’ll be back as soon as possible…

K: Yeah yeah.. whatever… *waves*

Merchant: Your dress will be ready in the afternoon, at 4 o’clock.

Me: I live a few blocks from here. You can come to my home, and we can eat something and then come back in the afternoon.

K: But you live too far away.

Me: No. I live a few blocks away from here. it’s even on the same street.

K: No thank you. I will walk around until the afternoon.

In the afternoon I was walking again on the street. It was late and the street market was almost over. Most of the merchants were gone. Sitting on the sidewalk was my little friend.

Me: What are you doing here? You were supposed to leave hours ago.

K: I am waiting. My friends will come to pick me up, but it’s taking too long. I called M 2 hours ago. But he doesn’t come. Maybe there is too much traffic…

Me: 2 hours ago? Do you know the size of this city? In 2 hours you could go to the beach… Will he come in an airplane of something? Haha. In half an hour you can go from here to the airport…

K: I know. I called my best friends, but everybody is busy. Then I called M, but he never came. When I realized that he is not coming, so I asked myself, “Who is the nicest person I know? Who is a real friend? Who would help me no matter what?”. So I called T. He was very nice. He will come to pick me up at any moment.

Me: Are you sure you don’t want to wait at my home? You are just sitting there on the sidewalk.

K: I can’t move. I gave T the directions to find me here. Let me check my cellphone.

Me: Just call him again and tell him to go to my home. The night is almost here. It is dangerous for you to be alone here….

While talking I saw T on his black van passing by. He looked at us and smiled, but he didn’t stop. He just passed by.

K: I wish I would go to your home, but it is too far away and I bought too much things. I can’t carry with everything.

He showed me 2 bags commonly used in Mexico by housewives that go to the street market. The image of him with 2 bags made me laugh so much.


K: Don’t laugh at me! It is not funny. A man helped me to bring everything here. There was a stand and the merchant promised to take care of my bags while I was buying somewhere else. So the other man just brought things there and I didn’t realize how much it was until I tried to leave. That’s why I need my friends to pick me up. Look at what I bought ^_^ *proudly opens the first bag full of pineapples. *


Me: Hahahahaha. What’s that? Why did you buy so many pineapples? You can’t eat all of them in a whole life. Did you buy the whole harvest? hahaha


K: The man selling them gave me a little piece to try out. It was so delicious that I wanted to take some pineapples to home. If I can’t eat all of them I will give some to my friends. They will like it. The pineapple was so sweet that I asked the man to buy the one he was giving out to customers. I ate as much as I could, but I didn’t finish it.

Me: Why are you eating it just like that? There are men selling the pineapple already cut into small pieces, in a little bag, with hot pepper and a fork….

K: Oh! I didn’t see them.


Then T passes by again laughing so hard. The van’s windows are closed so it is hard to see him. Anyway I could see him, I could recognize him and I could see how T and somebody else were laughing so hard at his friend sitting on the sidewalk.

Me: How much have you been waiting for T?

K: I don’t know. A lot. I just sent a text and he said he is lost, that I have to wait for him a little more. I gave him more directions, but he is just lost. Ahhh, my good friend. He is working so hard to help his brother.

Me: OK. Get up. We are going to my home even if you don’t want to. It’s already dark and I can’t leave you alone here. What did M say? Why didn’t he pick you up?

K: He said nothing…. But you live too far away. We can’t carry all those things and the helpful man already left.


Me: It is not that hard. Women come every week to buy their food supplies and they carry very heavy bags. You take one side of the bag and I will grab another and we will carry it together. Ok?

K: But it is too heavy. I already tried to carry them but I can’t even move it T.T

Me: Don’t get girly. I know there must be some strength on your body… Just grab one side.

K: *Grabs* I am taller than you. I am still getting the heavier side! Why do I have to carry heavy things? They didn’t come to pick me up! Now I won’t give them pineapples!

Me: Just let’s go to my house. My mom is making dinner.

K: But you live too far away… I can’t carry this and walk that much.

Me: I live less than 2 blocks away. I can see my house from here.

K: Really? Is that your house? Did you live that close? I expected you to live more far away. I will call T and tell him to pick me up at your home.

Me: He will not come…

K: Don’t say that. He will come. He is just a little dumb and got lost. M is mean, but T is nice.

Once we got to the house, while I wash opening the door, T arrived laughing and hugging his friend.

K: I told you, he would come ^_^


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