I want to write about Magic, Super Junior’s new song. There are too many little details… too much things to talk… I am so, so, so happy with it and I want to express all that happiness. But the last few days I’ve been very sentimental and overemotional without a reason so it is very possible that I will end up writing extremely cheesy things… What’s going on with me? I am not like that!!

I just want to ask. Who was the evil mastermind that decided to release the album on the Mexican Independence day? Nobody works that day and the next day, so Mexican ELF spent 48 hours raising the views on the videos. Well planned sir. Hahaha.

I really liked everything about the new album. I love the songs and the video and the photocards. Everything is just perfect. I’ve reached a new level of happiness ^_^

I don’t want to go to work. I want to stick to my computer the whole day.

Do you remember when I said “Wookie can go from one side of the stage to another very fast while dancing beautifully”?


Let’s talk about the video, because there are a few things I may need an explanation hahahahaha.


I love Donghae’s voice at the starting.

Then my brain betrays me. The bakery on the background is very similar to a bakery on my city, and then there is Wook drinking coffee and eating cupcakes, and I think about the cupcakes at the bakery and now I want a cupcake so bad.

And, what is Heechul doing? Hahahahaha. That tells me that he has never touched anything real HAHAHAHAHa


There are so many beautiful details, like putting the debut’s date. Fans say that they cried haha. And Yesung looks so sweet. I don’t know where that “samurai face” went, but I will never call him “Emo“ again, I promise.


Another thing that made fans cry was to see them doing the same dance movements after 10 years. So many memories…. I want to have “Memories from 10 years ago” too.


There is a rumor, fans say that Kyuhyun was sick that day, but he was very professional and worked as hard as always… and I am like “Awww my sweet Kokoro I want to hug you, and give you some flu and sleep pills, and take you to my home, and take care of you for a couple of days, and give you more sleep pills to make sure you don’t remember anything”. So, does it mean that Kyuhyun looks that handsome even if he is sick? Because people usually look awful when they have flu… but Kyuhyun always looks handsome.

And there is more rap by Heechul!!! Yay!! I really like Heechul’s rap. Yes, yes, we love our Cinderella for the every day’s living, but Heechul’s rap is soo cool to not use it.

I love the fact that Leeteuk looks really happy. I don’t know why but I get over protective about Leeteuk. I am like “Why he is not resting enough? He is working too much. Is he eating well? He has too many responsibilities. How does he feel? Is he ok? Is he happy?”. I know that he is Super Leeteuk because he works so hard, but sometimes I just want to force him to take things slowly and have some rest. I am bad influence to his career I know it…. But now I feel very happy because he looks happy. Just look at those bright eyes ^_^

Now, give me 5 minutes to talk about my beloved Wookie.


It is almost a year since the first day I saw him, and I still can’t believe that such a perfect man exists. He is so sweet and warm, that I just want to hug him like a koala. At the same time he is really strong and an evil, mischievous, kinky man. He shows that strength through his eyes. The way he looks just makes me feel like an ice cream under the sun. Physically he is just perfect. It feels weird because sometimes I say “Oh I like his hands… wait I never pay attention to people’s hands, why do I like his hands?”.

Sometimes it is hard for me to express what I feel with words, because I don’t even know exactly what I feel. I just see him and I react like “Awww I want to hug him” or “I want to stroke his hair silently” or “I want to kiss him so badly”… What’s going on with me? Come on Wook!! I spent too much time trying to block those ideas from my mind to focus on school and job and now you just appear with your sexiness and change all my plans ¬.¬


But going back to Wook’s evilness. Fans are really surprised about the “Coffee Cup Incident”. Why are you so surprised? Wook is evil. He is not a good boy, he is not innocent and he has no mercy. Didn’t you see that before? I just have to ask… Why Donghae? Didn’t Wook love Donghae? I am confused. Couldn’t you choose somebody else? Like… Jonghyung… Hahaha.

I laughed so much at Donghae’s face that I am starting to feel bad.

donghae cofee

Anyway… everybody focused on Donghae’s cute blink.

Can we stop for a second and talk about Kyuhyun’s dance?

Fans are very happy about Kyuhyun. Before reading the fan’s comments I just want to say… I TOLD YOU!! I told you a long time ago how he changed, but fans don’t listen to me ¬.¬


-I have an existential doubt. How much did they have to pay Kyuhyun to do that sexy dance?

– Is Hae doing some kind of “Whip dace”? Will he whip Kyuhyun? And Eunhyuk is like “Hey man, we are playing basketball, stop seducing girls and play”

-I think it was spontaneous. He has changed a lot. He is not the guy with the appearance of a ballad singer anymore. He even looks more accessible.

-I am happy because he is doing more things that he didn’t do before.

-I know!! something changed on him, I really like that change. I liked him before, but now I like him more.

-I think Yeye is teaching him to dance. Evil Cho + Magic = Evil Magic.

-He is getting more handsome every day, but there is something else. Something inside of him is changing. He looks more vivacious and happy. He even looks younger. He is not like a serious adult anymore, he is like a child that plays and makes jokes. It is not the guy who had everything planned anymore, now he suddenly does crazy things.

-I know! Before he was very stiffly, now he is relaxed and cool. He is not worried or thinking about looking as the responsible man doing a serious job, now he is relaxed, joking, and enjoying the job. He is just there playing happily, showing his real self. After 10 years, I thought I would never see his real self. I am happy that he is starting to trust us enough to be spontaneous and transparent.

-He looks so tender and sweet, at the same time he is very sexy. I know we can’t expect to see him shirtless, not even once, so maybe it is the most we can ask for. I love those sexy white pants and that sexy hip movement. I don’t know if he is trying to look sexy and looks funny, or if he is joking and still looks sexy. His level of sexiness is amazing.

-The best Independency day ever!!! At first I couldn’t believe it was him! I had to see it several times and after a couple of heart attacks I yelled “Its Kyuhyun moving his hips!!”. OMG he went crazy or something? Is he on drugs? Did he start using drugs? Please tell me that he is not on drugs.

-“I wish I was a butcher to…” you know the rest.

Ryeowook once said that he wanted to do a video with a school concept, but maybe it was too late. I don’t think it’s too late. Everybody looks younger every year, so maybe in a few years they would do a school concept. The basketball part is so cool… I know nobody can beat Heechul playing basketball but… It is so cool.


I told you, Wookie is evil. he is so evil that even if they are trying to smother him, he is laughing. And Leeteuk is faking, but he is evil too. The weird one is Yesung and the blondie with kitty eyes is Heechul.

I have another question, why did Kangin and Eunhyuk punched Yesung? Why Yesung? What did Yesung do? He was just taking care of Wookie’s girl while he was running away from the lynching… Yesung does good things and gets beaten for that?

You know what I loved? Heechul’s dance!!! That’s the ideal energy!!! I am sure there is not another boyband that can say they have such dance. That’s why SuJu is so unique. Will Leeteuk and Heechul dance Sarang like this? ❤ . ❤

And how things changed from Heechul’s dance to Heechul dragging Donghae? Why so much bullying towards Donghae? Haha.

And no… I will not say anything about “the magic on Eunhyuk’s fingers”… but we already know that he adds the pornographic touch to the videos.


Can somebody explain this image tome? Please. I am not very good at sports, but I don’t think that’s the way to play basketball.


Does anybody has the gif of Kangin’s solo dance? He is so cool and I wanted to post it, but I can’t find it.You have to see it!

The part where everybody fights to get on in front of the camera is soo funny, but again, why is Yesung bullying Donghae? Yesung, why? Didn’t you say that you loved Donghae as much as you would love your son? Then why are you trying to break his neck while Ryeowook and Siwon laugh at it?


For some reason I was expecting Leeteuk to kiss the camera 😄

I really enjoy seeing them having so much fun. It is very nice when working doesn’t feel like work. They made me laugh so much. In this year I have laughed so much, they make me laugh every day. It doesn’t matter if I am tired or busy or anything that happens around me… They just make me forget everything. I only need to see these beautiful smiles to be happy. Thank you so much, I love you my angels ^_^

leeteuk ryeowook

I want to talk about a specific scene:

There is Yesung trying to score but Leteuk and Siwon won’t let him to do it. Everybody focuses on the fact that Siwon is much taller and toned than Yesung but did you see what Leeteuk did? I told you he is evil!!! First he tries to hide it being polite to Kangin


Then Siwon gets the ball.


Then Leeteuk takes Yesung’s hands and with a little bit of mind control forces Yesung to fell down. Imean, the ball isn’t even close!!


If this is not enough, Eunhyuk kicks Yesung in the face, while Ryeowook and Heechul look at them and do absolutely nothing to help the poor man lying on the floor.


These 30 years old men just can’t do things seriously hahaha



Now, let’s talk about the rest of the album…

We have Dorothy!! And the lyrics!!! I was looking for the lyrics for a long time and couldn’t find them until yesterday. It is a beautiful song even if you don’t understand the lyrics, but when you have everything together it’s just perfect. I was waiting for it for a long time. It was the song that Wookie sang that night and that’s why I wanted to have it so bad. KRY are just too amazing. I can’t wait to see the live performances.

Then there was Sarang. That’s a beautiful song by Leeteuk and Heechul. It is so beautiful, you have no idea how much I liked it. Heechul and Leeteuk… Why didn’t you do something like that before? It is really nice. I expected a slower ballad, but actually it is very cool. It is more than I expected and the lyrics are just… *sighs*. It goes directly to favorite songs.

And then we have “You got it”. Is it the song that Henry made? Or is “The beat goes on”? I really like the music and the rap. It already got stuck on my mind. It is the kind of songs that I use when I am working until late, everybody is getting tired and cranky and I just turn on the music loud and even if my feet hurt i end up dancing and singing. I hope my neighbors are ready to listen to it again and again loudly.

I am very happy to see them enjoying the time, with their bright eyes, their beautiful smiles. I like when they look so lively and playful. They look happy, so happy. That’s all I want. I would give out my both hands to assure their happiness… and now I see them being really happy.

Now I can say that my life is complete and I have nothing else to ask to God ^_^

The Dark Era is over and now we are living the Kpop Era Yay!!! (Hey the Mayan Prophecies were true! “Things would get difficult from the year 2000 to 2014 and suddenly, at 2015 everything would get better until 2022”). The Dark Era is over, my heart is completely healed now I feel emotionally strong again.

It is very nice to see that I am not the only one who feels so happy to see them being happy. Fans say things like this:

-They are getting better every day. They are more handsome and sweeter. They look confident and relaxed. SuJu is like the wine, they get better every year. They found the formula to be successful at everything they do. Doesn’t matter what they do, it is always great.

-It is weird that when they say “We will be manlier” they are funny, but now it looks like they are not trying to look manly but actually they look really manly and sexier in a very natural way.

I like the song because it is the kind of song that everyone will love. It is happy, it is sweet. It has a great rap. It is not too strong or aggressive, but it makes you dance immediately. It is not slow, but is smooth without being boring. I would listen to the song again and again and never get tired of it. It doesn’t matter our mood, it always goes well. And maybe there is a slight hope that I will be able to sing it someday in a far away future.

When I found Kpop I expected to find some nice songs in the middle of hundreds of bad songs, and I expected eveyr group to have only afew good songs, that i would listen to them and then get tired and look for something else. But every day i like Kpop more, and I like the new songs. Isn’t it great? I liked every song at the album, it is really rare on that side of the world.

I don’t even understand myself. Usually I am very careful when I say words like “I love”, because for me, those words must be used only for very special moments… but since I found Kpop I can’t stop saying “I love”. It just flows on my mind every 5 seconds.

I love you my SuJus, you can’t imagine how much you have helped me to feel better. You are my rainbow after the storm. Maybe people won’t understand how I can be so thankful to a boyband far away, but I really needed something like that.

I love you my angels. Thank you for all that happiness ^_^


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