Super Junior’s Devil: Analyzing the Symbols.

Let’s analyze all the symbols on the video Devil. Behind the playful environment here is a deepest message that they guys want to tell us. We can learn so much if see their different viewpoints. Everybody expresses what is on their mind, we can learn a lot from them and about them.

The video is divided into small sections, but if we put together all of them we fan follow the storyline very well. Every section was made like a movie trailer. That’s why it is very important to analyze every scene of the video

Fans did some predictions. One of them was: “The most dangerous thing in the video will be used by Donghae”. And it was true! On the first scene, we can see Donghae on a very nice motorcycle, at high speed on a highway. At least he is wearing a helmet. And this is not any helmet, it is made by “Pigment House” a company that paints bicycles by hand. (If somebody can tell me more about that process, and the differences between that kind of painting, the drying oven and electrostatic painting I will be so thankful).

Then we can see a very nice car. The car is red and goes at high speed too. That means the way passion can make us do crazy things and how we desire to have exciting adventures.

The car’s license says SJ-1S05. SJ means Super Junior. 10 years, 15 members, S05 means “Since 2005”.

The driver of the car is a girl (a 14 years old?). Somehow Donghae gets the girls attention and she starts to follow (haunt?) him. He tries to go faster but she gets closer every time, until she gets enough close to him to turn around and block the way. It means that Danger will follow us everywhere, no matter what. We can’t hide or run from danger, we can’t avoid problems. We only have to face it, like Donghae does. Actually, we have to look for new adventures, to push our limits, and face everything bravely. Once he decides to stop running and confronts the danger, he gets stronger at the same level of the girl. If we think about a crash between a car and a motorcycle, the motorcycle would be weaker than the car, but in this situation, the crash between Donghae and the girl is a draw. No one is stronger that the other one.


The first “Movie Trailer” is called The Speed Chaser. It describes Donghae very well. He is always looking for new things, learning and improving himself. He is always pushing to his own limits. And that’s one of the things I most admire about Donghae. People always say that he is like a child, and it is true. His brain is like a child’s brain that can learn things so easily. He doesn’t need to be told like “You have to do/fix this”… if he sees that something would be good for him, he will learn it, do it and improve it.

You know there are different kinds of intelligence, and his intelligence is the one that you can’t learn, is about the things that school doesn’t teach. Donghae may look as an immature child, but actually in some areas he has a higher maturity level than any other idol I know. If I analyze every step he does I am like “Yes, yes, yes, you are so smart fishy!!!”

I am talking about things like the fact that he is not arrogant or stuck-up. When he says things like: “I know I have money, but I don’t depend on money. I know I can lose my money at any moment, but I don’t need it to be happy. I can go back to the kind of life I had before being an idol and nothing bad happens. I don’t need a cellphone or an elegant car to be happy. I can adapt to any situation and be happy with anything I have” I am like: “Yes!! Be ready to face everything. Keep your feet on the ground and you will not suffer later.” It looks so easy to say, but it is hard to keep it on mind. I just don’t want him to suffer. I think it is one of the things I most admire about him. How many of us can keep that temperance?

I don’t know if he can communicate very easily or it’s just that I am very familiar to his kind of personality. I understand him very well, even those crazy ideas that make people laugh. I understand his reactions, his way of thinking and even I can be like him sometimes. I’ve seen the members say again and again “Donghae is so annoying because he does this” and it is something that I do too and it makes me think “Am I annoying? Because for me it was something good, and they say it is annoying D=”.

Donghae is a beautiful person, with beautiful feelings and so many abilities that I would like to talk about, but I don’t like to like him because it makes me feel that I have daddy issues or I feel like I didn’t learn the lesson… and I am getting off topic.

So basically, the video starts with Donghae. Everything that happens after the crash… IS DONGHAE’S FAULT!! We can blame Donghae.

The next scene is one of the most disturbing images.


We can see a very innocent girl, with a white dress… and look at her hands… She looks so pure, so innocent, so shy… and then Shisus comes there and looks at that poor lonely girl. Isn’t it dangerous for her to be there? But luckily for the girl, he offers his hand to her and she takes it trusting him completely. Then he takes advantage of the situation to kiss her. (I told you he is not that good). But then the girl turns into a devil. What’s that!!?!?!?! Tell me Siwon!!! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?!?! Was she acting as a good girl but in fact she is a devil? Is that what you want to say? Why is she evil? He is the one with sexy girls around him!!! Actually, he is the one that inspired thousands of fantasies with that kissing scene in the whole fandom.

So she is the evil one, but in fact he is the one that comes to her, and kisses her. She didn’t kiss him, he kissed her. And they say she looks evil, but how does she look evil? She did nothing. What did she do to be evil? I would say that this is an unfair call. I demand evidence!! Why do men always blame women?

The second trailer’s name is “When I kiss you”… When I kiss you what??? What happens next? It is so ambiguous… and why is it so disturbing???? Is he just teasing or what?

The next scene is about Kyuhyun wearing a really nice white suit… and then with a really nice blue suit… and why does he look so handsome? Why he gets more handsome every day? What happens to me? After I found SuJu, when I was learning about them, Kyuhyun was so annoying for me. I was like “He looks so arrogant, so vain, so stuck-up, he bother all the members, I am sure he is so selfish and egocentric, and a narcissist… he looks too selfish to love people.. he annoys me” then, why 6 months later I was like “Kokoro!! You are so handsome, and so funny, and so smart, and so handsome, and so mischievous and so sexy and I like your strong heart and your personality!! And for the rest of the people… don’t you dare to say something bad about him or you will meet my fist!!” Seriously, sometimes this year I can’t even recognize myself.

Ok, going back to the video. The next movie trailer is called “The Devil’s Temptation”. Again, why do always men blame women? I see a girl just relaxing there and Kyuhyun comes to the room just to be sexy. He brings some kind of file (case file?) What is on the file? Why does Kyuhyun have her file? Is he stalking her or something to get the information? He is asking questions to her, this means that something happens. So Donghae turned around and crashed her car, Siwon came to her, kissed her just like that, and now she is the one in trouble?!?!?!?! Now she has to prove to Kyuhyun that she is not guilty?!?!?! What’s that? And how can she focus on the questions if he is there just looking at her like that?


Then there is Donghae again. It means that Donghae gave his version of the story to Kyuhyun. Donghae says: “I want you so bad, baby please don’t go”. Is that why Donghae crashed her car? Just to get her attention? Is it like the sassaeng fans that crashed EXO’s car to make them get out of the car and talk to them? Or is it like “I just wanted to talk to you, sorry for crashing your so-expensive car”.

Then, there is one of the main scenes in the video:

rules of gambling

We have Siwon again, playing poker with Yesung and Heechul. Siwon makes a bet with all his money, it looks like he knows that he will win. And is it legal to wear sunglasses while playing?

Then Heechul says: “I can’t even sleep” so he decides to spend the night gambling (?)

Then we have a little bit of dancing. How can we describe the dancing? The song says: “You are hot and cold, devil. Like a midsummer rain”. So they move their fingers like the rain falling over them, and then there is another dance move.


How can we call that dance in English? (En español este paso es conocido como el “Dime vaquero, Dime vaquero, spanking spanking”). But we don’t want to make fun about cowboys… and the guys wouldn’t do something like that… right Eunhyuk? Hahaha.

Then there is the next scene. We can see the evil mastermind behind the group. The root and the fundament of everything, the dangerous one… the Machiavellian talent, the real evil that hides behind the “Angel” costume: Leeteuk.


Will you tell me that you trust that face? Will you believe that he is as good and perfect as he looks? Do you really believe that? No, no, he is hiding something…

He is as sly as a fox, and he did a great movement with these video: He shows Eunhyuk with a gun, so he looks dangerous and people forgets that the dangerous one is actually Leeteuk. Then he shows every member doing something, like saying “If they catch us, we did everything together. I know it was my idea, but we did everything together. Actually you will find everyone’s fingerprints but mines.”

What does every member do?

Leeteuk is planning.


Eunhyuk is checking the guns and the plan.


Kangin is tunning up the cars


Donghae provides the money. So it may be some kind of investment. (A bad investment, because we can see much more money there than the stolen money).


Yesung is the sniper.


And Siwon is… Siwon.


Maybe Siwon will get people’s attention with his handsomeness while the rest of the guys steal the money.

Then we see Heechul asking for more money. It may mean: “If you give us money, we don’t have to do the bad things we already do to earn a salary”. In this moment they sing: “You are the salt of a faraway desert”. That salt was very hard to get, therefore it was so expensive. It means that they want something but it is so expensive they need to steal money to get it.


Heechul checks the blueprint but it looks like Siwon doesn’t trust him enough, because Siwon is checking the blueprint by himself.


Then Heechul is checking the bomb and he really enjoys it. Heechul is a pyromaniac. Don’t let him to get close to fire. Don’t let alone in the kitchen. Listen to me. Don’t let him to be close to fire!!!

Then we can see Ryeowook… and it doesn’t matter what he is doing.. What’s going on with his lines? “You make me taste a brief moment of pleasure then you burn up my throat again”. The first time I heard that I was like:


OMG Wook!!! Wooook!!! WOOOK!!! Come on Wook!!! What do you mean with “A brief moment”?



Ok, let’s be serious about this… Doesn’t he look really handsome?


I really loved that hair color for Devil’s performances. You have no idea how much I liked it. But I won’t fangirl about Wook, I am trying to control myself because you may be already tired about that.

Going back to the video… This is the most surprising fact of the whole video. You will never guess what is Kyuhyun doing: He is playing games!!! And he is very good at it. I didn’t know he knew how to throw knifes like that. Note to myself: Never get Kyuhyun angry, he can kill you even if he is 10m away.

That makes me think about what my dad used to say (You know he was a really wise man): “There are 3 situations that you have to avoid no matter what. 1.- Never fight in the kitchen, there are too much knifes there. 2.- If somebody makes your food, never get that person angry, they know where the rat poison is and have access to your food. It is really easy to put small doses on every breakfast. 3.- Never have a gay enemy. If you fight, they have the strength of a man, but the intelligence to destroy your life like women do.”

So now I would add: Do not get angry a gamer. They have been practicing how to shoot you for years.


Just look at those eyes. He is dead inside. You will find no mercy. There is a desire for drinking his enemy’s blood.

But if you were too focused on the handsome guys planning to steal money…maybe you didn’t notice the signs in the background:


What does it mean? If I read MAX I could only thing about Max Changmin… seriously, I have no idea. And then the other sign says “Drunken Dog”… What does it mean? It doesn’t make any sense…

The next “Movie trailer” is very interesting. It is called “The Confrontation”.

There is Kangin visiting Siwon’s office. There is the evil girl sitting on the couch, but we don’t know if she was with Siwon of she is with Kangin. Siwon is talking and Kangin sings “One day, when you’re lonely and crying, I’ll wipe away those tears, if you would allow me”, but he doesn’t look like somebody who will comfort you… actually he is getting his gun ready to shoot Siwon. It is more like “I will take revenge for you”.

Siwon doesn’t look afraid, and the weirdest thing is that the evil girl doesn’t care. She is not afraid, she is not angry, she doesn’t try to stop the fight.


Why didn’t she react? Kangin doesn’t shoot Siwon, he just smiles and leaves. Did she know that and that’s why she wasn’t worried?

The next scene is Leeteuk. And who cares about the story line or the lyrics? Look at those long fingers!!!


Then there is Yesung and Leeteuk leaving the bank. Why is Yesung there? Eunhyuk was with Leeteuk. Tell me Leeteuk, why did you change Eunhyuk for Yesung? Is it because Yesung’s gun is bigger? Is because of that? He didn’t even notice the police car in front of him!

At least those cops aren’t very smart, because they have clubs instead of guns. Only Leeteuk and Yesung can look so trendy while robbing a bank. And did they destroy the bank to steal just a briefcase? OR did the rest of the guys steal the rest of the money and left them behind?

Then Leeteuk says: “It so obvious that in front of you, I am weak in the knees”, but you know what? Do not trust him!!! He is dangerous!!!

And no, I will not say anything about this:

“All day, I am in desire and despair.”

(Believe me, you don’t want to know).

Now the next scene:

See? That’s the kind of boys I like, the ones that don’t pay attention to the half-naked model dancing in front of him.


And why is Eunhyuk suffering so much? Is it because Leeteuk changed him for Yesung?


Then let’s skip the scene of the random girls touching Wook… and there is the next scene.

Why is SuJu so serious at the party? There is another girl dancing for Leeteuk and he is still sad while everybody is having fun…. Except for the random guys fighting… And Heechul is still having fun, but that’s Heechul… he is having fun all the time.

The next scene is very complex, because there is too much happening at the same time:

Heechul is flirting with everybody


Can somebody explain why I love so much this image? How can he look so young? He looks younger every year…. And sweeter ^_^ I really like his eyes, those bright, sweet, expressive eyes. And I love his mouth, his lips are so perfectly cute and his upper lip… *cough cough cough* I better stop talking.




So the evil girl comes by and the guys try to get her attention. Eunhyuk does what he does better: Dancing.

Heechul says: “I wanna taste the wet you” (?)

Ryeowook is talking to Kangin, like asking him.

Kangin and Siwon try to stop her. (She already left the place once, and she looks like leaving again).

Yesung… Well he is the weird one.

Donghae tries to get to her, but everybody is blocking his way.

But remember, Leeteuk is evil, so he manages to get to the evil girl. He is hugging the girl and he is bragging about it. By the way… what is Heechul doing?


On top of all this…. Where is Kyuhyun?

Kangin and Heechul get busy with other girls. The evil girl flirts to Yesung, then she looks to Eunhyuk, but Siwon pushes him away. Despite of all their efforts, she looks at something else and leaves the place. They are trying desperately to stop her… except Leeteuk and Ryeowook.. they are laughing haha. And there is Kyuhyun!

And again, what is Heechul doing? Hahaha.


From now on there are the  end of every story.

The next movie trailer is called: “Unintended Intruder”.

It looks like this evil  girl loves exciting adventures. She was there when the car crash, she was there when Kangin almost killed Siwon, Eunhyuk tried to shoot her, and now she is in the SuJu’s secret place.

Everybody tries to kill her. Is it just because she leaves and comes back randomly? Is it really a reason to kill somebody? Why are you so extreme SuJu? You don’t know why she leaves. Maybe she went to rescue dogs, to feed the poor or to maybe she just left the party because she had to sleep early because she had school the next day.

Isn’t it fun how Heechul does everything in a different way? He is having fun even when he is about to kill an innocent girl.


So, everybody tries to kill her, except Ryeowook. Actually when Eunhyuk points his gun to her, Ryeowook almost shoots Eunhyuk. Then Kangin comes and points to Ryeowook.

the last target

And what happens when somebody tries to hurt Ryeowook?

the last target2

Meanwhile, somewhere else, Yesung, Siwon and Heechul are still playing poker. Heechul wins, but Siwons finds out the cheat. Yesung reacts as a Rabbid Dog. Then Heechul wants to shoot Yesung. Why Yesung? The one that found the cheating was Siwon, Yesung did nothing.



Going back to Kyuhyun trying to get her confession…. Kyuhyun is writing notes and she is like “Why don’t you stop overthinking and just kiss me? … If you don’t kiss me soon, I will kiss you.”


(Sorry but I have to take that image out of my mind).

Now, I say that again. They say that she is evil, but she is not. She is just like “I like you, but I respect you” that why she didn’t kiss him and leaves. Because she respects him and his decisions. Any average girl wouldn’t grab him like that… they would just grab his butt or something….

At the end this is a very good girl.

That’s why he got mad? Because she didn’t do anything else?

So Kyuhyun throws the file, but then there is Ryeowook reading everything, and actually it doesn’t matter, it is just an excuse to post more of his pictures.


At the end, Heechul shoots at somebody. Is Heechul shooting her?


But she is fine, is it because she is Devil? It looks like she is controlling the fire. Then they run again trying to stop her, but she already looks angry (Obviously she is angry, they tried to kill her several times)


So she is angry and she makes everything to explode.


(The weird one is Yesung)

And while everyone is trying to stop her, Heechul is having fun again looking at the fire. Please listen to me, he is a pyromaniac!! Don’t forget this. Hide any match, any lighter, and keep him away from the kitchen.


The end ^_^


At first I said that the video shows every member’s personality:

So basically the video starts with Donghae starting a little fire and ends up with explosions, destroyed buildings, gun-fights and fire everywhere. First prediction: Donghae will get the most dangerous thing (and I am talking about the evil girl, not the motorcycle). Never underestimate Donghae, because he will give the biggest surprises.

Siwon looks like the good, shy boy, but actually gives more steps than anyone.

Kyuhyun looks so handsome that it makes you forget that he is a calculating scheming man that is only interested in plotting the world’s domination. He is smart and strong with a great power of decision. Kyuhyun is a brave man but at the same time he is cautious, careful and demure. Sometimes he disappears and we ask “Where is Kyuhyun? What is he doing?” but he is there.

Leeteuk is an evil mastermind, surrender to him, obey him or suffer his revenge.

Kangin has a very special job in the group, and maybe people don’t know that he is so helpful, but it is a job that nobody else can do. His strength gives strength to the whole group.

Yesung may look busy on his own things, but at the end, he is a brave man that will accept any challenge without any fear.

Eunhyuk is a very cunning man that may learn from everybody. He is honest and says what others don’t say. He has his own talents, but can always contribute with something interesting at any area of working.

Heechul is an evil mastermind too, the fastest mind in Korea. He is a little crazy, and it helps him to go one more step forward, to go where nobody else goes and it helps the whole group to take risks.

Ryeowook is the one that pays attention to the little details. He can see things that nobody else sees. He can see everything and has a very good memory, that way he can master any area. He stores information, and everything is there just waiting for the moment that the information will be useful. It is hard to know exactly how much he knows.

The song is a very happy song. You immediately want to dance and sing and listen to it again and again. The playful environment may distract us from the lyrics, but actually are very deep and passionate. I like that the lyrics are very honest, not cheesy or just to adulate. The way the guys talk on the lyrics show people that can communicate very easily and clearly. Despite they say “You are evil” they speak with familiarity on an atmosphere of trust. They can say how they feel without any fear or mistrust. Usually men don’t like to say “I feel weak” or ”I don’t understand what is happening”, men want to look stone-faced, perfect and powerful, and this is a very heavy duty that makes a distance between people, that attitude is not good for any relationship. But if they are able to talk clearly and tell about their fears and problems, they can communicate, they will get closer to each other and therefore their relationships will be stronger. And is a sign of non-sexist men.


(Hey Hey Well.. Hey Hey)

What I’m about to say might sound strange

I don’t know why but you’re a bit hard for me, I’m always struggling

I want you so bad, oh baby baby please don’t go

Everything, even kneeling before you feels so natural now

I keep begging you, endlessly

Dammit, I can’t even fall asleep

I can’t figure out what this feeling is

You’re cold and hot, devil

Like a midsummer rain shower

After drenching my hot body, you burn up my throat again

You’re the salt of the faraway desert, a shadow of the red hot equator

You make me taste a moment of pleasure then you burn up my throat again

You’re cold and hot

One day, when you’re lonely and crying

I’ll wipe away those tears, if you would allow me

The stars show my fate and now I desperately want you

All day, I’m in desire and despair, everything is just so amazing

No word is enough to describe this

A bit more complicated than romantic

I can’t figure out what this feeling is

My throat is burning up, I wanna taste the wet you

Listen to me (listen to me)

Accept me (accept me)

I say, I just like it all (I just like it all)

I say, I like everything about you (I like everything about you)

And I say, beautiful you (beautiful you)

And I say, be mine

You’re cold and hot

You burn up my throat, you’re a devil, so hot

The song is fun, the video is fun, the live performances are fun and the performance video (I like Wook’s clothes on that video, did you see those legs?). They have fun every single time, you see them laughing and playing and it gives a very good feeling. It makes me feel really happy every time I see them. This is the kind of situations that I don’t know how to express exactly with words. I just want to hug them forever.

And who made the choreography? It is very interesting and fun. I don’t know if they work so much practicing to change it every time, or they already master their job so well that they can do things like that.

They look so handsome and I like the fact that they look very confident. They are already grown up artists, and all the similarities with their first videos help to see that improvement. They get better every time. They trust more their own ideas and they are takings risks. I like that


I love my SuJu boys. I can’t wait for the new video.


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