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I have been thinking about the differences between Kpop and the local music.

The main fact is that here singers are not called “idols”, so at first it is kind of shocking to see singers calling themselves “idols”. It sounds presumptuous.

Singers were called “idols” a long time ago, when the Mexican entertainment industry was on top. But it was so much time ago…. Like 50 years ago. Let’s call these people “the first generation”.

In that time, to be famous, people had to have lots of talents, they must be very cute/handsome, with good voices, great dancers, and great actors. They had fans, and people fell in love with them. In that time, there were “Idols” and “Divas”, but not anymore. First people loved them, but then bad things happened. Pretty young girls married ugly, old, rich men. Idols got old. The perfection vanished and some people couldn’t handle that. It was known about Idols and Divas that fake their death and then hidden in different countries so their fans couldn’t see their “decline”. So they would always be remembered as handsome, young and strong. But not everybody could hide properly.

In that time, a poor person with talent was able to become rich and famous. Right now, it is not so easy to become rich and famous.

Let’s talk about the second generation: The Idol’s descendants. Lots of Idols were born poor, and knew very well the value of the money, and the hard working to get that money. But their children were raised as rich children. It wasn’t easy to be the son of an Idol, because there are always comparisons. “You are not as famous as your father”, “your mother was prettier” (Of course, she married an ugly rich man!), “At your age your parents were doing movies, are you still going to school?”. At this point, some people inherited their parent’s talents, or the parents thought everything, but some other people didn’t learn anything… so the talented people were clearly reduced. In the second generation, singers and actors were called “artists”.

The audience thought that it would be unfair to ask for everything to a simple human. Because there can be a very good singer but bad actor, and a very good actor but bad singer. So the jobs were divided. Now singers only sing, actors only act, and the variety shows have special MC’s for that… but a singer wouldn’t become a MC.

Singers only sing, so they release an album and they spend a year doing tours at least every weekend. They visit every city and different countries. They only stop tours for a month or 2, while they prepare the new album and then start again. They don’t spend time acting or doing anything else. During the week they rest, and the weekends they work hard, every weekend. So I felt kind of confused when I saw Kpop’s tours, they just do a few concerts and then they release a new album… It looks like a waste of songs. They can keep getting concerts sold-out with the same songs for years, and they just don’t do it.

There is a main entertainment company, similar to the SM. This company made a special school for talents called CEA (Artistic Education Center). They have castings and trainees, just as the SM. At first it was a great school… now, not so much.

The problem with the CEA is that artists wanted their children to join the school. So actually most of the trainees doesn’t have any talent, they are there just because their parents are famous. And they act like “My daddy is so powerful, teachers must be nice or I will call my daddy”. So teachers can’t push the students because parents are overprotecting them. Most of them have a bad attitude, because they feel like an annoying diva since they are kids. (I mean annoying divas, not like Heechul, he is a cool Diva).

Now good new artists have to study by themselves. The first generations were good, now the CEA lost all its reputation.

In addition to that, the company wants good singers, but they invest less money on them every time. They let good groups and good singers without a good direction. It is like “They are stable now, let’s focus on new singers”.

So every time singers are less prepared, and the music has a lower quality. That’s how the Mexican music industry got weaker. After being one of the strongest in the world now is even weaker. The directors of the company got too greedy. They want to earn more money with less invests.

So the stronger singers left the company and made their own studios. Now most of the strong singers are independent and work however they want to.

The main characteristic about this second generation is that they are rebellious, to everything. The first generation Divas had a very hard time trying to keep that image of perfection. They must be decent women, with lots of abilities, but at the same time good wives, good mothers, and good workers. They felt so much pressure from everybody. They could make a mistake. Especially at marriage, they were so afraid of facing a divorce, because people expected a perfect marriage.

But the second generation was exactly the opposite. They didn’t want to be under that pressure, so they went to the very opposite side. So it was a common joke “Every daughter of an Idol, will be a crazy girl, for sure”. That second generation had so many problems with alcohol, drugs and crazy sex.

And now there is the third generation. The third generation found a balance between those 2 points. They are not closely related to famous people, and they don’t want to be Idols and Divas. They didn’t study music so much… the actual musical style is more like a hippie style. Everything is so natural and light. They are just a group of friends that gather together at their garage, with a couple of guitars and practice playfully. They don’t pay so much attention on the visual aspect, they don’t make great shows. The music is more on the acoustic side than the visual side.

In Mexico, the visuals are not so important for being a singer. The age is not important. Most of the main singers right now are between 30 and 50+ years old. It is very rare to see singers before their early 20’s. Maybe it is because most parents don’t want their children to be singers, so they can’t do it until they leave home. And then they spend years hardworking until they become famous.

I understand the parents, because being a singer was symbolized as being on drugs, alcoholic, having crazy sex with everyone, and a victim of the “curse of the 27” (that they die/commit suicide at the age of 27, or when their life get out of control and they end up being poor, sick, intoxicated and depressed, with no family, no friends, sleeping on the streets).

The physical appearance is not important. You may see very ugly singers being successful. We have had blind singers (male and female), little people, fat people, cross eyed people, old people and much more… but if they are good singers, they will be successful.

On the other side, there are singers without a great voice, but they write very good songs, so people listen to them even if they don’t have the best voice. In Mexico now it is very important that the singer makes his own songs, because the feeling is different, you know that he really understands and feels the song, and it is related to a personal experience and to real feelings.

Local fans may not be that “fanatic” as Kpop fans, they don’t dedicate their lives to a singer, they don’t even make fanclubs… but they are still loyal.

There are singers that started with a great voice, but after some time they lost the voice (some of them because of alcohol, and some others just because they got old or sick). And even if their voice is not so good anymore, people still go to their concerts, because they have been with that singer their whole life.

Here is very common to hear about singers and groups with more than 15 or 20 and even 40 years of career.

Let’s talk about the main groups.

One of the most important groups in the Mexican culture was Timbiriche, because they started singing when they were kids, and now they are almost 50 years old, and they are still singers.

In Mexico, there are no boybands. (Therefore there are no fanclubs, and everything related to boybands). Most groups are formed by boys and girls. Usually men are musicians and dancers, and there is a woman as a main or only vocalist. For some reason, people like female voices a lot.

There was a very powerful and rich woman, who made a group for her son (Benny), and gathered some other kids to start the group.

People hate her, because they say she had the children as slaves, even her own son. She earned so much money with that group, and she didn’t give the money to them. There are so many rumors saying that she, as manager, stole the money from them, even from her son.

If you are Mexican, there are basic facts about music. On this side of the world, groups don’t have a “leader” as Kpop groups do. Here, being the older member of a group doesn’t mean respect or power over the rest of the members. The same way, being the youngest members means nothing. Here, there is only one person with power over group…. The manager.

The main fact is: The owner of the group is the manager. The one who earns money with the group is the manager… The one in charge of everything is the manager. If you like a group, you will hate the manager for sure. Managers are the most evil character on the musical industry. Managers, cheat, steal, and get the members into drugs to make them work harder.

The second evil character is the personal accountant. The story is very easy: A singer hires an accountant, singer trusts his accountant and gives him the money to pay his taxes, the accountant steals the taxes money from singers, singer goes to jail and accountant lives happily in Hawaii.

Usually people don’t get mad when a singer leaves a group. This is an example: Reyli, member of a group. The group wasn’t very successful because they didn’t have good songs, and everything was about alcohol and sexism. He had this beautiful song (and some other good songs), but the group members didn’t like them, so they didn’t let him to sing his songs. He left the group and was really successful alone.

*Sings* // Como un cuchillo en la mantequilla, entraste a mi vida cuando me moría. Como la lluvia en pleno desierto, mojaste de fe mi corazón, ahogaste mis miedos. Como una dulce voz en el silencio, así nos llegó el amor, amor del bueno… // (Sorry, I had to include that song, it is one of my favorites)

Well, going back to Timbiriche….

Once the group members were growing up, they realized that the woman was just using them… (Even her son!!!) And they were leaving the group one by one to work as soloists. In Mexico, if a singer wants to release a solo album, he must leave the group.

This is a fact I like about Kpop, we can have a solo album, and then the singer goes back to the group.

In Latin music, usually the group members fight, and there are lawsuits, and they hate each other after that. People don’t hate a singer for leaving the group, because they understand that every person has their own personal goals, and maybe being in a group won’t let them to reach those goals.

So the group members end up being soloists. When this group disbanded, some of them were very successful like Thalia, and some other were just forgotten.

Even Benny left her mom’s group. He became a soloist, and he is one of my favorite Latin singers too. He sings ballads, he has a sweet voice and his songs are really sweet too. He left the group, got married, and had a daughter, and from that time he lives to love his daughter. Despite he has been under so much problems, he is one of the sweetest person you can ever find. We can’t understand how such a bad person can have a nice son like him…

I don’t know the exact reason why Mexican people doesn’t care if the singers get married or not, or if they are gay or not. In Mexico is very different the reaction of “fans” when a singer gets married. Even the way they start relationships is very different. Talking about this specific group… In the early 90’s there was Eric, the rocker in the group, with long hair and a guitar… and he was one of the most desired men.

eric rubin

He was my mom’s favorite singer, and he had a song my mom used to sing all the time when i was a little girl.*Sings his songs while writing* // Princesa Tibetana… Te visualicé en un cristal… Y ahora te tengo aquí, en mi habitación… Y si caminas por espinas… Y si caminas bajo el sol… yo seré tu protector.. y te cuidaré… pintora de ilusiones..  y si caminas con Dios.. Seré tu complice.. y te cuidaré …//

There were 2 girls who wanted him (I will not say love). One of them was a blonde girl from the same group he was, she loved her hair, because she has a nice blonde color, so she calls herself “the golden girl”. The other one was a soloist, a rocker girl. Both were (are?) very crazy, and they fought for him with made songs. The Rocker girl (I love her, she was my favorite singer before Kpop, but she is crazy), she made a song that became very famous because of the rumors around the song. The song “Hey Güera” (Hey Blondie) basically says: “Hey blondie, stop trying to steal him from me. If you don’t stop, at the less expected moment I will cut off your loved hair”… and other things like that.

So the other girl replied with a song called “He is my man”. But actually, he wasn’t in a relationship with any of them.

While the girls were fighting, Eric suddenly got married with the less expected girl. A third girl who wasn’t a rocker, she was a singer, not a very good or famous singer, but she was known as a “good girl”, at least she wasn’t on drugs.

After they got married… the “rocker” transformed into the cutest daddy ever and a great husband.  He said “I love her because she will rescue me from all the bad things around rock”. And everybody was so shocked.

By this moment they are all in their late 40’s, and they are still singers, they got married, they had children, and are still singing.

From that group there was another girl, Sasha. Once the group disbanded she became soloist, I really like her songs too, even if the songs are old. She was a great singer, and became much more famous as a soloist.


A few years later she got a rare illness, called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). She spent months at a hospital, under so much pain, she was a very beautiful woman, but the illness destroyed her physically and emotionally. She had a very expensive treatment, and she was too tired to work. She had severe money problems, so friends offered her money to help her, but she said she wouldn’t feel well with that. She said she wanted to work and earn her money, but she was really weak.

So Eric and Benny, decided to make a group with her. The 3 of them have been singing for a couple of years, reducing the show costs to the minimum, and making small cheap concerts on every single city, and most of the money goes to her, to help her. And people goes to the show, even if they didn’t like the group so much, but they want to help her. They work slowly, because they know she is still weak, and they take care of her.

In this case it is pretty obvious why people don’t care about her physical appearance, because we know she has been sick. It would be too rude to ask her to be like a princess after all that pain.

I said people don’t care about the singer’s personal life, but I want to tell you a beautiful story. You may know about Ricky Martin, he declared himself gay, and had 2 children by a process (that I don´t know the name in English), where they ask a woman to have children with him. They don’t get into a relationship, don’t get married, and the woman will not be the baby’s mother… she only “borrows” or “leases” her uterus, and after giving birth, she gives the baby to the father and never sees them again. This is illegal in some countries. So Ricky became a nice father, without the help of a woman.

There is another singer, Miguel Bosé. He says he is not gay, but everybody thinks he is gay. (Maybe it is because he is from Spain, for Latin-Americans, most of the Spanish male singers are gay, and female singers are lesbian haha). He never got married, but wanted to have children before getting too old. After seeing Ricky’s good experience, he did the same. And this is the cutest thing in the world. He is taking care of his baby with so much effort and dedication. Can you imagine it? He goes to the stage, sings a song, goes to the backstage to change diapers, and comes back to the stage to sing another song. Between every song he is asking if his baby is fine, and he take his baby everywhere. He is taking care of his baby in a better way than most of the female singers. He looks so happy. On every single interview he talks about how happy he is and every time I see him I just say “awwwwwwwwwwww”.

I really liked this song when I was a teenager, the first time I saw it I didn’t like it, but somehow, later it became one of my favorites.

It is really weird to see Korean singers saying they are old when they are in their 30’s. I mean, I don’t know how old Miguel Bosé is, but he looks exactly the same since ever. He was already a signer when my mom was a teenager.

Personally, I really like female Spanish singers. They have powerful voices with deep lyrics. Their personality is very strong and they show it on the stages.

Somehow, people from my age really value the old music. I like my mom’s music, maybe because that music was like my lullaby haha.

Despite this song was released on 1990, you may ask every person about my age and they will know about it “Hijo de la Luna” (Soon of the Moon), the lyrics is about a legend… I am not sure about how much can be appreciated by people who don’t speak Spanish, but I love that song. There is a French version too. (Do you see what I mean by male musicians female vocalist?)

Another of my favorite’s Spanish singers is Marta Sanchez, I can’t choose a favorite song (“Soy yo”, “Amor Cobarde”, “No te quiero más”). I don’t listen to her songs very often because the lyrics are so painful, When you listen to “No te quiero más” (I don’t love you anymore) and after 5 minutes you are almost slashing your wrists while crying.

After I met Kpop I realized that Latin music is based on the lyrics. There are not dancers like in boybands anymore; there are just deep painful lyrics.

That’s why I stopped paying attention to music, because you may get depressed very easily. So I decided to stay away from ballads.

So I want to tell you a funny story:

Mexico and Italia are very close when you talk about music. There was an Italian singer, Tiziano Ferro. He was very successful in Mexico, more than the success he had in Italy. People (like me) really liked his music, but one day, he had an interview in Mexico. The MC asked why he was having all that success in Mexico and he said:

“Actually I have no idea. I don’t even have a good voice. I have the most common Italian voice, that’s why I am not successful in Italy. But I came to Mexico, I sing with my Italian accent, it sounds different and I have success. I don’t even know why I have chosen Mexico, I don’t even like Mexican women, they are ugly… Mexican women have mustaches… Mexican women are not like Italian women…”

And the audience was so shocked… especially when… you know… There are lots of Italian/European women with mustaches…

People could not believe how stupid he was. You just can’t call your fans ugly!!!! Obviously Mexicans felt offended and it was the end of his career in Mexico. Too bad, because I still like his songs… but people is still angry at him, the one who must not be named…

I shouldn’t remember those lyrics T.T .. No Keren!! Don’t sing it!! Stop!!! *Sings*

// Aquí yo estoy y tú no estás… y me distrae la publicidad. Entre horarios y el tráfico, trabajo y pienso en ti. Y yo lucho contra el silencio hablando de ti. Entre la puerta y el teléfono, tu foto me hablará. Y volverán los ángeles, a despertarse con tu café. Pasará distraída la noticia de nosotros. Tardes negras. Que no hay tiempo, ni espacio y nadie nunca entenderá. Quedarte puedes, porque la vida duele, duele demasiado estar aquí sin ti. Y dicen que me servirá. Lo que no mata, fuerza te da. Mientras pasa el sonido de tu voz por la t.v. y por la radio… en el teléfono resonará tu adiós……… //

T.T Keren, I told you not to sing it….

But let’s go back to pop groups. There was another very famous group. The same way they started as kids, and grew up together until they were about 30 years old. It was the same story, the manager stole all their money, they got angry and left the group.

Another reason to leave the group is that one of the girls had a brother, he was really talented, but they manager never let him to join the group. So they made a new group, including her brother, and called the group OV7 (Because now they had 7 members). He wrote the songs, he was a great dancer and choreographer, he had a great voice, and he was very funny at interviews.

Once he joined the group they became much more famous than before. But a couple of years later he felt like he was doing everything on the group and they were doing nothing. So he left the group, and there were all the troubles, the group almost disbanded, they got mad at his sister saying things like: “We were ok, for years, but you wanted to include you brother and now all this happened. He didn’t grow up with us”.

So the group made a last “good-bye” tour. People were their fans for a whole life, so they were really shocked when they saw the group coming to an end. They never admitted to have problems with Kalimba. The girls said that they wanted to get pregnant and take care of their children, so they couldn’t be dancers anymore.

The “good-bye” tour was so successful, they decided to do a second tour… and a third one… and a comeback (In Mexico comeback means a group that disbanded and got reunited again.). They disbanded again and came back again. Every time they say good bye, and cry, and 3 months later they are back. So now people take it as a strategy to sell more albums. We should imagine that before when the good-bye song is “I am not leaving”. And that’s true!! They are not leaving!! I mean, I stopped paying attention to then like 7 years ago and they are still like “This is the last concert”.

Maybe Mexican singers overused the “this is the last album” strategy. Now nobody pays attention to them.

At the same time, Kalimba released a solo album, and it was very successful. Still it wasn’t the same. He didn’t dance anymore, I really liked his dancing, and the rest of the songs were ballads. I mean, his voice sound so well on pop and rock. It is a waste to have such great voice on old overused ballads. I don’t care if he wanted to make a tribute to any old singer… it is a waste of voice!! He doesn’t know how to look for good songs for his voice.

Anyway he had a good response of his fans. Until there was a sex scandal. He got sued by a fan saying he raped her. I know that raping is something too serious to make a judgment so easily, but the story is very confusing.

The girl said that there was a concert, and after a party at the same place, and she met Kalimba, they went to the dressing room, he wanted to have sex, she didn’t want to, because she was virgin, then he got mad and he raped her.

He went to jail immediately. But somehow fans were saying that he didn’t do it. They were even supporting him outside of the jail. Every time he said he was not guilty. For non-fans it was unbelievable. He was accused of raping a fan, and other fans were outside of jail trying to get him out.

Then there was a second fan saying she got raped too. This time was an underage girl. At this point most of his fans felt disappointed and went away. He lost all the support, and was so depressed. He says he wanted to kill himself.

But the second story wasn’t as consistent as the first one, so a few fans were still doubting and saying “The first girl got a lot of money with that lawsuit, maybe there is another girl wanting money too”.

Non-fans were so angry at those fans, for “supporting a rapist”.

Fans were worried because there were rumors saying that he wanted to kill himself. Non-fans said “Of course he wants to do it, because he feels guilty now. He will be on jail for the rest of his life”.

But fans believed him, and kept researching more than his own lawyers. Fans found out that the second girl went to the concert with a fake ID. That helped him a lot, so they kept researching. Later, fans found out that the first girl wasn’t a common girl. Actually she was a porn actress. The lawyers found that the girl already had several problems about trying to scam and blackmail rich people.

So the story changed from rape to “They were at a party, he was drunk, (he has problems with alcohol). She came by, he wasn’t thinking clearly, or maybe he just wanted to have fun with a fan as most singers do… They had sex and that’s all.”

So the first case was fake, but there is still a second case, and some people talk about a third one. Some people say that he paid the girl to make her to stop the lawsuit… that’s why she got so much money and he didn’t sue her back. He says he got so tired of lawsuits that he doesn’t care about getting his money back, he just wants peace. There are several versions after that point.

So he is free now. For months, he couldn’t talk to fans without crying, he could only say “Thank you fans, I was about to kill myself”.

Then some people say he became Christian, he went to a rehab clinic, trying quit drugs and alcohol.

Anyway, things were never the same. He really tries to come back, but… just a few people still trust him. He tries to make concerts, but he will never sell the seats like before.

As I said before, there are no boybands in Mexico. Aww it must be great to be a teenager right now in Korea with all those boybands. I must confess it makes me feel jealous. The only boyband I liked before Kpop, and the only semi-successful was “UFF!” (I know, it is an embarrassing name).


Aww all those sweet memories. I was like 10 or 12 years old…

Actually I only liked 3 boys in the band:

Marcos: He was the maknae, and very sweet. They always said that he never practiced dancing because he wanted to be on the computer all the time. I liked him because he was always so sweet, always smiling, and he never got angry at anybody.


José Luis: He was the main singer and the “mature and responsible” one in the group… you know, mature for a group of boys between 14 and 16 years old… He was always like “lets go, we have to practice more, lets get better, lets take some extra lessons.. You are doing  a good job, but we can do it better”

jose luis

Fabio: I liked him because when he joined the group, he wasn’t the main vocalist or the main dancer, but he worked so hard to be better every time. At the end he was the main vocalist and the main dancer, and became very good at interviews.

In that time I had a boyfriend (yes, we were both 10 years old and our “romantic dates” were to play soccer together with his friends). That boyfriend got jealous and was like “Don’t you see it? He is on drugs! Look at his red eyes. He is obviously on drugs!!”. I think it was the only argument he had… but the situation was really cute. can you imagine those 2 kids? Anyway I still don’t see the drugs and the red eyes…


The group was fine, but the manager (yes I hate the manager), the manager had the great idea of switching members when they reached the age of 18. So they started at the age of 14, they released 3 albums, and then the rapper turned 18. He just fired him without any notice before, or even a good-bye tour. He just got fired. I didn’t like him, but I still got angry at the manager. Then a new guy joined the group. And everybody hated the new guy. I know I may sound like Henry’s anti-fan, but that new guy really bothers me. He wasn’t cute, he didn’t have any talent, he was just there because he was the son of any producer… then the second member turned 18, and got fired. The new member was so young, like 10 years old. It was a stupid thing, because fans were growing up with them, so now fans were about 16 years old, and they didn’t want to see a child running between the old members.

So fans got really angry and told the manager “We will not keep giving you money”. They asked for a refund of the upcoming concerts, they didn’t buy the new album and stopped supporting them. The manager fired the rest of the members, and started a new group with new singers; they were all around 10 years old, singing kid’s songs. That new group died in about 6 months. We lost track of the original members and my first boyband died 😥

Boybands and singers may do several mistakes. A common problem on Timbiriche was the fact that everybody wanted to gather more attention, and to have more fans than the rest of the members. The girls used to argue, about who was the prettiest girl, and acted like real bitches to each other. They had a very good vocalist, but she couldn’t handle all the bullying and left the group. The quality of the group was very lowered after that. They got a new vocalist, and she left the group too. Everybody knew who was the girl bothering the rest of the members and people hated her. Despite fans loved a certain member, they hated her, and it was a bad image for the whole group.

At the same time they were fighting to get more attention, to be on the focus of the lens, to talk in the interviews, to have more lines on the songs… They started to overreact at interviews to gather attention. They got into scandals, so people would talk more about them and they said bad things about each other to make that person to lose fans.

And this is a mistake that Kpop Idols are doing too. I mean, I am here, trying to show people good things about them, so people could know more, and love them too… But they say bad things about each other and they ruin the hardworking I am doing here.

Let’s talk about Donghae’s perfect body. While most of the Kpop singers are skinny and even if they go to the gym every day, they don’t make muscles… Donghae has those perfect arms… He makes muscles very easily, and it makes him different from the rest of the singers. So Super Junior can have something that other groups don’t have. The beauty in Donghae’s body is that it looks so natural. It doesn’t look like a gym-sculpted body, it looks so natural. Do you have any idea of how hard is to find such beautiful, natural body? So why do members keep saying bad things about his arms?? The good thing about having so many members is to have different kinds of beauty, to attract everybody, so if you don’t like one guy, you will like another one.

And the body goes according to the singer’s personality. We always think about Kangin as a strong man, a protector of the weak… I mean, you see Kangin, and you know that if you abuse of somebody else, he will come and punch you…. and for this role he must have that kind of body.

Then… Kyuhyun… If somebody says again that he is fat I will punch that person in the face, it doesn’t matter who is. Kyuhyun is so perfect, there is nothing bad to say about him. He is just perfect from his head to his toes… His hair is perfect, his face is perfect and his body… come on!!! There is nothing bad you could say about that sexybeast’s body. He is big enough to look masculine and give bear hugs, but not too heavy, so he can dance so well…. so well… I love the way he dances…

If somebody says something bad it is just the jealousy talking ¬.¬

And I am not saying this just because he is my Kokoro… His kind of body is very hard to find too, because usually people is too skinny or too fat, but he is just in the perfect middle point (same as Donghae). It is so hard to reach that balance of perfection. What else do you want from him? He is a great singer, a great dancer, a great visual… what else do you want?!?!?!?!


The next point is… the voices. People are making fun of Ryeowook’s voice (Yes you, you know who I am talking about, you know that I am talking to you).

In my very opinion, there are 3 unique voices in Kpop (the ones I know until now) : Ryeowook, Jonghyun, and Junsu.. and KangNam.

There are no similar voices like those. Once you hear them you know who is singing, you will never mix them up with another singer.

When I started listening to Super Junior, I wanted to recognize their voices, and it was so hard at first, but since the first day I could recognize Ryeowook’s voice very easily. His voice was so special from the first day… I love the way Ryeowook’s voice changes from singing to talking… He can reach very high tones, and at the same time he has that sexy low voice to talk… *sighs* aww that sexy voice to talk… When he sings he sounds so sweet, so peaceful… I mean, you see that little cute mouth…and you can’t imagine the great voice hidden behind those heart lips…

Ahhh I don’t know enough about music to explain why I love Ryeowook’s voice so much and why it is so unique… T.T  I can’t explain myself… I want to say so many things and I can’t.

The fact is that those unique voices make the songs special too. Nobody can imitate the songs. Even if somebody tries to sing the same song, it will never be the same. There is nothing in the world that can replace KangNam saying “no, no, no,” in his songs… that makes his songs unique… Shinee wouldn’t be Shinee without Jonghyun’s voice. He sings “Y si fuera ella” better than the original singer. Actually I didn’t like the song before Jonghyun..

And then that guy at Death Note that said:

“Death Note doesn’t have protagonists, but you know that my voice is the main voice, because Junsu doesn’t have a very good voice… he just sings a few lines while I sing most of the musical”

And I was like: Are you deaf?!?!?! Why do you think that the musical is selling so well? It is not because of your pretty face man.

I like the way Junsu replied to him… But I still don’t understand what he means with “a voice of iron pieces”.

The other guy may have the basic voice, but the special touch on the song is given by Junsu’s voice. It is like when you want to make a painting.. You may have a canvas, but it won’t become special until you put the colors on it. That’s what Junsu does with his voice and his passion at the musical.

And… what’s going on with that dude? Saying bad things about Junsu’s voice at the interview is like saying: “Come to the musical, we don’t have anything good to show, but anyway, come to the musical”.

What’s going on with that dude?

“There are not protagonists”, “there is only one protagonist” “there can’t be more than one protagonist”… Of course there can be more than one protagonist… How do you call a couple at the dramas? Is one of the protagonist and the other one isn’t? And do you know the word “antagonist”?

That guy goes directly to the same list as the other guy, Gura. He is always bothering my Kokoro, and now did he tell Leeteuk that he isn’t a good singer? You really want to feel the ELF hate, right Gura?

Koreans don’t know how Mexican bodyguards react when a reporter becomes offensive to the singer….



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