It Does Worth!!!

You know they say: “In every man’s life, there comes a time when you get struck by the arrow of Cupid, by the love of God, or the beauty of a woman” Yes, sometimes this love brings thunder into your life and it brings the storm…

There is more to love than this and love is more than just a kiss. We do more than just connect. I’ll bring you the thunder in your life with the fire in my eyes. Cause then there will be days of pleasure and everything far will be so near.

You see? I could talk about you for days, without mentioning your name not even once. Under pain or among tears, your name is my alleviation. Each one of your movements is desirable and each moment with you DOES WORTH!!

Nothing compares with the things that you gave me, with all that love, with the way you show us how you live, how you love. You showed me the real love.

Those beautiful days with you are precious. As precious as the way to the morning star. You celebrate everything like a feast. That was something new that I wanted to learn from you. You came into my life and fulfilled it with love and happiness, I learned so many things from you but at the moment, knowing that you are here is the most beautiful thing. Knowing that you love me is the best thing that i have.

Forgive me, but I need to say this again…
It Does Worth

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