Yo soy en Mexico !!!


I called a hotel the night before to make a reservation and had to use only Spanish. I had to tell the guy to slow down (despacito) and “could you repeat that please (repetirlo por favor)” numerous times. After a bit of confussion i was able to get the price of a room and he informed me i would have to call back the next day to make the reservation. I felt pretty stupid after the call and couldn’t stop laughing at myself for the rest of the night.

When i got in the shuttle the driver asked me where i was going. I said i was visiting the country and he said¨”yeah, what´s her name?”. I thought it was funny because i like stupid puns 🙂 The city istelf is absolutely amazing. It reminds me of a little european city with cobblestone streets and cathedrals on every corner.

There were vendors everywhere trying to sell us their goods. I spotted some good ponchos and maybe some cowboy boots that i might go back for. After walking around through the markets we were kind of lost… luckily we were able to navigate by locating morelia´s beautiful central cathedral. There was a crazy guy yelling/reading from a bible about god. When we walked by he yelled something about how young people have too many diversions and that we should all dedicate our lives to god.

After one day here i have realized that even though i cannot understand anything anyone said.

It was a giant fiesta in the main street of Morelia. There were street vendors, live performs, live music, lots of food, balloons, lights, and tons of people. We went to eat in a restaurant on the terrace of a building that overlooked the parade. The restuarant was authentically mexican and very ornate. I ordered guacamole with quesidillas (sorry i can¨´t spell) and dos caronas, it was amazing. I have come to realize that the food in Mexico is amazing. I was eating fresh fruit, home cooked meals, and tasty snacks. I came back fat.

The food there was really cheap… actually everything is really cheap. I brought tons of stuff back.

After four hours of only spanish my head hurt a little so I went with some friends to get some coffee. Then it was time for me to catch a van and combi to get home. The combi´s are old volkswagon vans that have been gutted and had seats put in the back. The door is rigged to open when the combi stops and close when it starts. There are different colored combi´s for wherever you are going. To catch one you have to wave it down like a taxi. It costs 4 pesos (forty cents) per trip. The combi`s often fill up quickly and people kneel in the van or sometimes hang out the sides. There are also a few larger, but still small, buses that are similar but don´t come as often. Then, i was under the impression that the vans/combis stopped at certain spots along the street. So i waited at a spot where i had seen some other people catch the ere uno (R1) van. I let two vans go by before i realized that you had to wave them down. I finally successfully (is it double s or double c or double l, i don´t know) flagged one down and took a seat. Somehow I managed to fit 16 people in a small volkswagon combi van. After a few blocks and old mexican man/cowboy, fully adorned in spiked boots, a cowboy hat and an old guitar, got on the bus. He started playing the guitar and singing. Riding in the old beat up van with the cowboy playing the guitar, i felt like i was in a movie. After a few more blocks he requested tips and got off the bus. On the way back I saw some crazy guy dancing in front of cars with a water bottle, seemingly wanting to wash peoples windows.

After the tour I went with all my friends and their guides to a bar. We got platters of chips, which were served with serveral different types of salsa, cheese, and guacamole dips. The Morelian´s ordered a local drink and offered some to all of us. It was some kind of blend of beer, chilli, and fruit. It was disgusting, but we didn´t want to offend them so we said, “Si, esta bueno.”

I am supprised at how modern morelia is. My friend’s house is probalby more modern than my house in America.

While walking we got allot of shouts from people excited to see gringos (white people)

Walked accross a round about we were walking towards some police. We said, “como esta” (hows it going, formal). As we walked by one put his hand on my shoulder and I thought, “oh crap.” He then said, “ah, scooby and shaggy and started laughing.” It was pretty funny, but I guess I kind of do look like shaggy.

I had taquitos. They were very tasty.

There were so many different types of foods, fruit, and crafts. I bought a mango for 40 cents and an avacado for 30 cents.

Me and Chewey went to a bar with two of his Mexican friends. Chewey spoke pretty good spanish before coming to morelia, so he is able to talk with most people. I couldn´t understand most of what was going on in the conversation, but i contributed somewhat and would laugh when i felt it was appropraite.

Arriving to the bus station, it was suprisingly modern. We bought tickets to Guadalajara, which cost 230 pesos ($23). The bus was also suprisingly nice, with super confortable seats, and we got a free drink and some peanuts. The only bad thing about the bus ride was that they played some really bad western Americano movies in english, with spanish subtitles, and you couldn´t turn off the volume.

The hotel turned out to be very nice and had a very historic look and feel to it. It was 470 pesos ($47) a night.

A women came up to us selling these amazing sand paintings. We each bought a varation of the same painting, pablo picasos horse and bull. They were only 33 pesos (3 dollars) each.

We then went to the teatro, which was absolutely amazing. It has a massive dome roof and everything is covered in gold. There were balcony seats which lined both sides of the teatro. There was a rehersal going on at the time and sat in the glorious teatro watching it.

All around el centro there were many amazing fountains and statues of historic people and animals.
Next we looked at the many stalls that lined the streets, selling beautiful handmade goods. There was jewlery, ignious stones, musical instuments, pottery, handmade leather goods, and many other amazing looking crafts. I wanted to buy so much stuff, but decided to hold off since we would be travelling and I only brought a backpack. I did buy a haki sac from one of the many street vendors for 10 pesos ($1).

We were told by a security guard at the teatro to go to a building which he called “el mas grande edificio en guadalajara”. Turns out he was talking about the Palacio de Gobierno and I think he was right. The main entrance to the building is decorated with amazing murals on the walls and the cieling. The massive murals tell the story of the Spanish invasion of Mexico. The main dome is adorned by a mural that depiptcs the eternal stuggle between good and evil. The stark red colors of the mural are amazing. The rest of the building is a museum. There were many interesting works of art, including propaganda posters from around the time of Mexicos revolution, modern abstract paintings, and classical victorian art.

I bought two Mexican scratchies (lottery tickets). They cost 3 pesos (30 cents) each. I scratched the first one and won 3 pesos, but lost on the second won. I then bought one more and lost again. It was pretty fun though.

I got pancakes, very original, which were served with honery and tasted pretty good. They cost 25 pesos ($2.50)…the food there is very cheap, even in nice places.

We successfully bargained the taxi driver down 5 pesos to 75 pesos.

I found 20 pesos on the floor, so my dinner was basically free. I also recieved another shaggy from scooby doo reference as well as an Owen Wilson reference.

Mis padres two year old sun was over for a lunch. (yo no entendi que me quiso decir)

The bar had these 2 liter, giant, corona bottles that were 66 pesos. They were just like a regular corona bottle only 300 times the size. Everyone got a bunch of the giant coronas, mainly because they looked really cool.

I sent you pictures, but couldn´t figure out how to organize them. There are the photos. They are not in order but they are all there.

I bought some copper flowers and other copper regalos for setenta pesos ($7). There was this strange looking ring that covers an entire finger and has yodas head on the top of it. I don´t really know why, but I bought it for treinta pesos ($3).

¡Vamanos a Patzcuaro! The bus to Patzcuaro was only 28 pesos ($2.80) !

Patzcuaro is on a lake and allot of the vendors were selling really gross looking dried fish and fresh fish. There were ponchos, fruits, fish, cowboy hats, jewelery, and much more in the markets. One guy was walking around with turkeys on a leash trying to sell them.

We walked through this park were a dog started following us and then started chasing cars. As we were crossing the street soem guy in a minivan started yelling American swear words at us. We continued walking. The same guy in the van then came back again with a complete change of attitude, and was like “hey amigos, i am from america too, whats up?.” He then pulled over his car and started talking to one guy in our group. Then, this police car comes driving up at like 50 miles an hour and pulls up right in front of us. These three cops get out, one with a giant gun and bullets around his chest, and said “Que pasa?” I was pretty scared at that point. One guy in our group speaks perfect spanish and told them we were just talking. They told us it wasn´t safe to be out right now. We then told them we were going to head back to our hotel. We then walked away pretty scared. Luckily nothing bad happened. On the way back to the hotel, the guy int he minivan came back once more and again was all friendly. He then drove off. It was kinda of wierd because he had a bunch of kids in the backseat watching an incar movie, it seemed like he was drunk or crazy or something.

A boy kept calling me by Spanish name and I kept telling him my name. Finally a lady told me he was calling me blonde. It was hard to understand what the kids were saying, as it was in spanish and mumbled.

Aftwerwards I got some really good pan dulce at a panadería nearby the orphanage.

En este fin de semana voy a fui a la playa (extapa). Hablé con estudiantes mexicanos. Aprendé sobre la sistema de educación en Mexico. Despues, regresé a mi amigo casa para almuerzo. Cereal con leche de soya. Jugo de papaya. Despues tuvimos enchilladas con una verdura sopa. En el noche escribí ambios mis composiciónes. No me gusta la diferencia entre el imperfecto y el pasado.

After shopping we went to a taco resturant for dinner. I got a really tasy fajita style dish with corn torillas. After eating we took a cab to a reggae concert. At first we thought we were going to get robbed because the taxi driver was taking us through these dirt roads with rusted cars and trash everywhere. But, eventually we got to the concert. It was inside an old school gymnasium, which was decorated with murals about Mexican society and politics. The concert was really weird. I just never thought that Mexico had a big reggae scene, so it was kind of shocking to see all this Mexicans with dreadlocks listening to reggae music and smoking Mary Jane.

The concert was pretty relaxed except for one song where everyone started going crazy and dancing around uncontrollably. I used the womens restroom in the concert because it had a big M on top of it, which clearly stood for Mujeres. But, thinking like a gringo, I thought it ment men. It was a little embarassing, especially the girls laughing when i came out, but I eventually got over it.

The beach was gorgeous with white sand and warm water. We spent the day sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing on the beach. We had in beachside cafe. I got quesidillas, which were ok, and a fresh cut whole coconut with a straw, which was amazing. Later, I tried to order another cocunut, but the waiter was a little bit of a jokster. First he told me I had to climb the tree to get the coconut, then after getting a coconut he told me I had to hold it on my head while he cut it open with a Machete. But, finally I got sweet, juicy, fresh coconut juice and milky meat.

I forgot how much I miss the ocean.

I went with a friend to buy a dress shirt so he could go out (crazy kids always wanting to look good). He found one in a market nearby but it was a little expensive, so I said, “you could get it for 250” in english. The girl selling the shirt starting laughing, because it turns out she speaks english.

Ixtapa is a more touristy and expensive beach with allot of hotels, condominiums, and gringos.

The entrance was decorated with an outline of a past out frog on the sidewalk. It was 100 pesos ($10) to get in, which included free drinks. Despues bailando en la mesa, we went to dance with some mujeres Mexicana, who somehow spoke perfect english.

It was also interesting to realize that it´s really hard to understand spanish, especially from older people with thick accents.

I ended up buying Mens Health in Spanish. It gave me some great dating advice, fashion tips, sex tips, and workout routines all in Spanish.

In the night I went to XO (equis o), the klubb discoteque privado, with a bunch of friends. It is a popular nightclub in Morelia that is really close to my hotel. The cover was 200 pesos ($20), which included drinks, but is kind of expensive for Morelia. The first challenge was getting in. You had to stand in front and get picked by the XO staff. For some reason there were cacti in the standing area, so I got stabbed once by a cactus, but it wasn´t to bad. Finally, we got chosen and went into the club. The inside was huge and it had three giant projector screens playing music videos, a giant dance floor, and couches to relax on. During the middle of the night a crazy guy dressed in a chef suit came out onto the dance floor and started making some jokes. It was a fun night of dancing and I found 170 pesos on the floor which brought the cover down to 30 pesos.

In the night I went to a another discoteca called ego. One of my friends sister had obtained free tickets for everyone. So I decided to go. Ego is located ontop of a hill and has an amazing view. It has been named among the best Club Discotheques in the country.




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